pow wow’s over sweetheart

i had grand kids or nieces and nephews visiting my stand every day. they made it fun

made it thru the pow wow. previously i said i aint the type to be at a pow wow from first song to last song. this time i was. i even stayed for some of the announcing the winners. once the pow wow was over this indian headed home.

`i only seen a few dances because i was taking care of my stand. it was worth it to me. i didnt sell a roach but i reached many that are interested in my roaches. i felt good that they appreciated my art. that is the biggest compliment.

i handed out my business card to those that are sincere about buying roaches. a few are gonna get back to me. i told some that i would be interested in trades. i got some deals maybe lined up. i told them i would trade for things like indian tanned hides. i have two that said they are willing to trade hides for a roach.

another man said he makes his own outfits. the only part he dont make is roaches. he said he can get a tanned hide and maybe he or his wife could make parts of outfits. i told him i wanted outfits for my grandsons. he gonna talk to his wife and we will see what kind of deal we will work out.

i have a roach that i have marked for 1200. a guy from northern cree said it would go for 1500 in Canada. a man from pine ridge said he seen this kind of roach going for 2 thou. i said yeah i know with me its not about the money. i try to price good quality roaches for a very reasonable price.

another guy asked if i would go any lower. i said no. he didnt hear what the other guys said about how much this roach could bring. i agree with what my uncle used to say. he said he aint selling to the 9 guys that wont pay his price. he is selling to the guy that is willing to pay what he wants. i’m hip to that.

my stand emphasized what i already knew. i need more smalls. they are what sell. nobody carries enough cash for a roach. they save up for that. i did sell some turtle bones and a couple of videos. i also sold my hat that said ‘make America native again’. i didnt wear it. after the novelty of it wore off it just sat on my dresser. i thought sell it. the smalls paid for my stand. so i got my advertising free.

i didnt sell any big items but i know the advertising i got is invaluable. one guy told me he didnt know i made them. another said his dad was looking for one like the red one i had for his grandson. a kid really liked another. his mom took a picture of it to send to her husband. they will get back to me. everyone seen the quality of my work. that sold itself. i know my roaches are better than many out there.

yesterday when it was winding down i helped the older couple at the stand next to us. the lady asked to borrow my hammer. she musta seen me use it to pull up the stakes that held the tie down strings to the tent. i gave it to her. i noticed she had trouble pulling up the long stakes they had. so i walked over and said let me try. i got it out.

she said there are more on the corners. i had to laugh. that lady got me to finish pulling the rest. i was taught to respect older people. another young guy was helping too. we took down their tents and had to push their pull behind trailer over to their car. i was happy to help.

i even got to help the folks on the other side of me. we talked all week end. gotta be nice to each other.

i had fun at this pow wow. i took some pictures. watched some dances. recorded one video. ate some pow wow food. had a good time. now i have to till between the rows of corn. pow wow is over. now gotta do some work.