got more work done

i tilled up my corn field to weed it. rain is predicted for next few days. it was do it or wait another week for it to dry out. the weeds would have been real tall then.

Monday i tilled between the rows in my corn field. it was suppose to rain all pow wow weekend. then it was suppose to rain Monday night. it didnt. i took advantage of the ground being semi dry to till. i had to till the weeds under because more rain is predicted. gotta work when the opportunity is there.

my rows are about 100 feet long. that is too much area to keep up with the weeds. that’s why i leave enough space in between the rows for a tiller when i plant. that machine weeds faster than i can. it saves me back pain too. i will till it again today. it is drier so it will turn over good. there are some weeds that i missed.

i am getting short on dried indian corn. it looks good so far. i have a few spots where it didnt come up but over all it is evenly spaced. i have plenty of stalks growing. i am lucky i got my corn in the ground when i did. others weren’t so fortunate. it rained so often that the ground stayed wet most of this spring. some wont get corn because of this.

i want to have a good crop this year. the trick is to get the right amount of rain and sunshine at the times when it is needed. a lot can happen between now and when it is ready to dry corn. that is some thing i have no control over. i can’t count how much corn i have until it is dried and stored away for the year.

i planted clover in the rows of corn. that brings nitrogen up to the surface. beans do the same thing. yesterday i planted my indian beans in the corn rows. i have 7 rows of mattwaoshe beans and 7 rows of rabbit beans. the bean vines will climb up the corn stalks.

i am hoping i get a good crop of indian beans. i haven’t eaten any of them in some time. the past few years i only got enough to save it for seed. it is important to keep that seed stock going. not many grow our indian beans.

i also tilled up my sema patch. it was weeded over. it too was muddy all spring. it finally dried up enough to till it under. i then hilled it up. i like to plant in hills. it will be ready when i transplant my sema plants. i have seeds in starter flats that germinated. i also dug up the plants that were in the ground. i didnt want to till them under.

i still have a pile of compost. i used half of it in my grow boxes and tomato beds. i saved the rest to put in my sema patch. i have a composter that i started a new batch in. i also have a big compost pile on the ground. i have to get it ready for next year.

i got some work done but more awaits me. people ask me what i do now that i am retired. i say my life is a full time job. i am always busy.