back on social media

kinda gonna paraphrase a quote from the movie colors. ‘you f@$^#& up now homes, you went and joined a gang’. i didnt join a gang but i did rejoin facebook. after that i had to do a friend request of people i dont get to see that often.

once that starts then i get friend requests. i wonder who the $^%& is this. you add them anyway. gotta keep up with the people with a thousand friends. they may have that many friends on the net but dont have any to take their picture. gotta do selfies.

i have been off facebook for over a year. dont remember when i deleted my account. to be honest i got tired of it. i had my friend list up to 600 or so. i deleted half because they didnt actually communicate with me. or they posted too much like recipes or the feel good quotes. i didnt need that. then after i trimmed the list to under 300 i started to unfollow some. i only kept the ones i had interaction with.

now i am back on facebook. mainly to advertise my roaches. otherwise i wouldn’t mess with it. i probably already spent too much time on there. but i am retired. i stay home a lot because i work at home. i can reach people with out leaving my house.

yesterday i started sorting porcupine hair. i haven’t done that in some time. i have a lot already sorted. i spent many hours doing that this past winter and last fall. i gotta start making more roaches. i want to go have a stand at one more pow wow at least. maybe more. will go with what ever happens.

i am glad i tilled between my rows of corn. got no weeds. the corn stalks are growing good. they are about 5 inches tall. that is when you plant indian beans. i did that too. it rained after i planted them. i soaked them before planting. it wont take long before the beans pop out of the ground.

it looks like i am gonna have to mow the yard again. it grows fast. i noticed our hay field. the hay is the tallest i seen it. we are locked in on a lease that under pays us for what the hay is worth. we wont get any more $ for an outstanding crop like this year. i can hear it now “you cashed your cobell check didnt you chief?”

the two young indians that came over to do some work for me came back. i had some elm trees that needed cutting. they are falling over. if they lay on the ground they rot out and are of no use. we use elm to keep our sacred fire going.

i am glad these young fellas help me. i got a good load of elm i can use for ceremonies i have here. they gonna come back Monday and finish up. a tribal program said they would do it two years ago. aint happened.

gotta get busy.