took the week end off

pictures of some family members

i took the week end off. i usually do whatever work i need to do. not this week end. we had an adoption ceremony. we took some one to fill my brother garys place. we got a good man in kabot for it.

tomorrow i am heading to sugar creek. they forced marched over 800 potawatomis from the indiana area there in the late 1830s. it was part of the indian removal act. it was called the “trail of death” because over 40 died on it. the dead were buried along the way.

i dont hear much about the fact that over 600 died at sugar creek in the decade after they arrived there. many unmarked graves are in the area. they arrived late fall to find no shelter available. the government forced them there but didnt provide for them as promised.

many of the descendants of those on this march ended up on the citizen band roll. some of them married into the prairie band. some prairie band have ancestors that were on the march. they were the ones that married into the prairie band.

i have been on the retracing of that march bout 11 years ago. they have done this every 5 years since 1988. that was the 150th anniversary of the march. we drove in a caravan along the whole route. historical markers showed where the potawatomis walked and camped along that march.

i met the last retracing when they got to sugar creek. i knew some from the time i went with them on the route. i have also met a group of students that also retraced the route. i spoke to them about a general history of potawatomis. i am not lecturer but i know a few things from our oral history.

i will meet a group of students tomorrow. i met a few the last time they came to sugar creek. we decided to cook a few things for them. we will also camp out with them. i will take my pipe with me. i plan on smoking while i am down there. our people there must have suffered. losing that many relatives would have been a big loss to them.

i will be back the next day. i have my chores here to do. gotta take care of my animals. the grass will need mowing. etc etc. there is work to be done all the time.

i have only been back on face book a few days. i have already blocked a few. i really dont want to read some of the trash that people put out there. that is the very reason i got off fb in the first place.

will see what this week brings.

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