back from sugar creek

mary and i met with this wonderful group of people

we had a great experience meeting a group at sugar creek. they were retracing the potawatomi ‘trail of death’ march. mary and i arrived before they did. we parked and walked up to the gate to wait for them.

they usually walked at different times as they retraced the route. we waited for them as they walked the last two miles into sugar creek. they did this because the potawatomi had to walk the entire distance from indiana to Kansas. we walked the rest of the way with them down to the camping area.

we were told before their arrival that they were gonna spend the night. we brought our tent so we could camp with them. we brought some corn soup, dried squash and nenwezhek. we ate supper together. none of them had ever eaten nenwezhek. they all liked it.

after supper we sat around the camp fire and talked. we had a good conversation. members of the group came from different parts of the country. i met three of them before. i was in the caravan 11 years ago with two of them. some were seminary students. one was Palestinian and one was from Ethiopia.

all of them cared for people. they retrace the trail of death so that the potawatomi on it would not be forgotten. some asked mary or me questions. they wanted to learn about the potawatomi people. they will do this again two years from now. i was asked if i could meet them again. i would be happy to.

some gradually went to their tents to sleep. they were tired from the trip. some of us stayed up til almost midnight talking. it was so easy to converse with everyone. i like talking with people. eventually the rest of us agreed it was time to go to sleep.

mary and i went to our tent. i didnt go to sleep immediately. my mind wouldn’t shut off. i laid there going over every thing we had done and what was said. i enjoyed the company of these good people.

next morning we had breakfast and coffee. many of us shared the need to have that first cup of coffee. after breakfast we formed a circle and talked again. a few gave mary and me a gift. we were given maple syrup from indiana and a girl from Georgia gave me some soap from there. mary was given a pair of earrings and some honey. we broke camp after that. we seen the group off.

mary and i stayed after they left. we walked around the grounds. i wanted to smoke my Cuban cigar. my son brought it from his cruise. i enjoyed that good cigar. we headed for home after i finished it.

it is a two hour and 15 minute drive home. we stopped for lunch about half way home. mary took over driving because i was tired from not enough sleep the night before. i took a short nap and we were home.

my grand daughters came over for a visit. i like spending time with any of my grand kids. the young guys that help me also came over. they were gonna finish cutting the elm but it starting to rain. they said they would come back.

i am glad for the rain. earlier this spring it seemed like it would never end. now it will make my indian corn and indian beans grow. i am grateful for that rain.

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