good to go

this spider web reminded me of some of the deals potawatomis get. we are drawn in then they got us

i had my quarterly lab and doctor check up this morning. good news for me. my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are down. i am glad. i attribute that to me being more active in the spring. my garden and spring chores keep me busy.

the rain we got is good for my corn. it is looking good. i may be one of the few that will have corn this year. just lucky i guess. my indian beans are coming up in the rows of corn. next i will plant my squash. that will be the last thing i plant this year.

i mowed yesterday before the rain. i am glad i did. i try to keep up with it. seems i am mowing more this year. the rains we have had makes the lawn grow quickly. i noticed our hay is real tall too. probably the tallest i have seen it in years.

i transplanted some of my sema plants. they were the big ones i dug up when i tilled my plot under. the rains we had made the weeds grow fast and they took over. i have more plants i started from seed i will transplant today. i do that while it isn’t hot. they dont get into shock like they would if it was real hot.

we have the grand sons every weekend. yesterday we went to a garage sale and bought bunk beds. they will have their own room now. they already claimed that room as their toy room anyway. now they will sleep in there.

today is per cap day. i didnt rush to town to spend it. mine hits the bank and i slowly spend it on things when the need arises. i lived here before the money came. we managed when we didnt get per cap. now we are living in the best economic times of our existence and some still aren’t satisfied. i dont get that.

i have a black berry bush that came up as a volunteer. it is on the northeast corner of my house. it has berries forming on it. i am glad that i didnt cut it down when i first seen it. i will eat the black berries.

that reminds me of back in the day. i was hitch hiking thru northern California. i was hungry while standing by this bridge waiting for a ride. i looked down and seen lotsa berry bushes. i went down there and had my fill of black berries. i always remember those berries. they were good.

the young fellas that have done jobs for me finished cutting the elm for me. i ended up with a good pile of wood. i have enough to make a number of ceremonial fires. i am happy about that. i thanked the young guys. i haven’t heard from the tribal guys yet. no matter i got it done. even if i had to pay for it. dont know why some just wont help their own people.