almost summer time

i tried to get a picture of it lightning last night. my camera wasnt fast enough

this Friday is the first day of summer. i was asked if i had any travel plans. i said not really but i will end up going some where. i usually do. i haven’t soaked in a hot spring for some time. i can travel whenever i want now that i am retired. well if my money permits. and if i dont have to watch the grand kids.

they say Friday will be the longest day of the year. it will still be a 24 hour day like the rest. i guess they mean the longest amount of sun light in a day. tonight will be the full moon, the strawberry moon.

i picked a sandwich bag full of black berries yesterday. still glad i didnt get rid of that berry bush on the north side of my house. there are some volunteer bushes coming up next to this bush. i may transplant them to a slope in the back yard that i cant mow too good. i will fill it with black berries instead.

i got three rows of sema plants in now. i still have some in starter pots. i will transplant two more rows. i probably will have some plants left over. i try to give them away to some one but dont get any takers.

i am soaking some crooked neck squash seeds. i will plant them today. that will be ambitious. i will till a place to make some hills. i will plant the seeds in some hills and some seeds in the corn rows. i want to have squash to dry this year. soaking the seed will give it a better chance of germinating.

i haven’t put up my outside tv antenna yet. been busy. i will make an attempt to get that done. i am serious about cutting my cable service off. there were a few shows i wanted to watch this past month. i grew up with the 3 local channels. i have also had hundreds of channels with a satellite dish. and still nothing on of interest to me. so why pay all that money.

its per cap time. that means i have to renew my virus protection on my computer. i paid for it last year. now it is due. i always get virus protection. had a computer freeze up once. never let that happen again. as i have said i grew up with out electricity and running water but now i need my cell phone and computer.

i bought a 10 foot slide at a garage sale for $15. i have been wanting to build a play ground set for the grand kiddies. the slide is the first component. i will make a play house structure and add the slide and swings to it.

as soon as the grand kids saw the slide they asked what it was for. now i have to build it. i got some carpentry skills. i bought a coupla books with playground set plans in them. i want ideas on how to build it. i suppose i could just wing it but i want this to last.

nothing planned this week but something will come up.