got fish now

my nephew benny and grand daughter annie gave me a string of fish. now the fish are in the freezer

i have been wanting some catfish. i go to town occasionally for a whole fried catfish. it is really good. it is one meal i go to town just to have it.

yesterday i wasnt planning on doing anything but plant squash. good thing i had some time set aside. my nephew brought over a string of catfish. he and his daughter caught them. they usually give away their first catch. this year i was the lucky guy that got the fish.

i really appreciated that. i used to do that too. there was an older lady that lived near me. i would always take over my first rabbit, mushrooms or gooseberries to her. i am glad that some of our people still do that.

i not only got a string of fish they showed me a few pointers on cleaning them. annie and i cleaned 4 of them. they had something to do so benny asked me if i would do the rest. i said sure. i had a rhythm going. i finished the rest of them. seemed like every fly in the hood came over while i was cleaning the fish.

mary was cooking out for fathers day. she took some of the cleaned fish and grilled them. annie told her put lemon pepper on it and wrapped it in tin foil. it really tasted good. usually i get it fried. or blackened Cajun style.

i saved the big yellow cat for last. it was the biggest fish. i got some big fillets out of it. i told mary to put it in a separate freezer bag and mark it. i didnt want to mix it with the rest that were blue cats and flat heads. after it was all bagged up and in the freezer i felt good about that. now we have fresh fish to eat.

as i got done cleaning the fish i had to wonder why i haven’t gone fishing. i keep saying i will go. the grand sons are after me to go too. the new fishing poles mary and i won are now a year old. gotta make myself go fishing.

i kept seeing the flower pods on the nenwezhek by the house. last night before sunset i told mary lets go pick them. i like them in potato soup. it gives the soup a different flavor. we walked along our drive way and picked them. didnt take long to get enough for later use.

i didnt plant my crooked neck squash yesterday. i will do that today. i did get the ground tilled up. the seeds have been soaking. it wont take long to finish planting today.

will see what else comes up.