got some rain

the weather man predicted we would get rain yesterday. i got busy. i had already tilled some ground next to my corn the other day. then i had to clean the fish i was given. i didnt get to plant squash because of that. that was alright. i got fish in the freezer now.

yesterday i hilled up the tilled ground and planted crooked neck squash seeds. i have 22 hills i planted. i didnt get to plant any in the corn rows. the squash does alright when planted in hills too. if i have it in the corn, i cant till the weeds under when the vines spread out.

the squash seeds had been soaked. that makes germination easier. i want to have squash to dry this year. i didnt get any last year. my supply of dried squash is running low.

i also put in two rows of sema. i added compost to each spot i transplanted the sema in. now i have 5 rows growing. it is suppose to be partly cloudy the next few days. my plants shouldn’t go into shock. i got a taker on what plants i will have left over. i dont want them to go to waste.

i got done before the rain came. it was a slow drizzle that soaked the ground. even though we got a lot of rain earlier the ground had dried out on top. i imagine we still have water deep down. this rain will make my corn and indian beans grow.

i cleaned out two of my rain barrels before it rained. they collect leaves, bugs etc. they also get some algae build up. i hooked a hose up to the barrels and watered one of my trees. couldn’t see just dumping the water out. i will get to town one of these days to get gold fish to put in my barrels.

now i have everything planted. i probably wont put anything else in this year. i will go with what i have. now i sit back and wait. i will take what i get. anything can happen between now and harvest time.

now that i am caught up with gardening i still have plenty of other chores i need to do. and i haven’t worked on any roaches for some time. i haven’t made any indian dice sets either. i also have to put up my outdoor tv antennae too. yep i have plenty to do. it aint like my work is ever done.