more rain

i was outside and i spotted this butterfly. i wanted a picture of it. i got one

it rained again last night. the thunder woke me up. i thought more rain. my corn is visibly getting taller. this rain will make it grow even more. my indian beans should break ground this week for sure.

it started raining again as i sit here. i like to hear the sound of thunder. when i was out bumming around this country i was reminded of home when i heard thunder. when i was real young we had to put tobacco down when it thundered. i always remembered that where ever i went.

i am glad i transplanted my sema a few days ago. it hasn’t gone into shock like it would if it was hot. that will zap many plants. it didnt happen because of the cool weather we had and the rain. my plants became acclimated to their new home in the ground. i gave some of the plants i had left to my sisters. i still have a few to give away.

i went to town yesterday. i paid for my things and eased on out. i got down the road a few miles and reached for my phone. it wasnt there. i remember the last i seen it was on the stand by the cash register. i turned around and went back to get it.

they said no phones were turned in. i left my wifes phone number and left. a few miles down the road they called to say they found it. i knew it was there somewhere. i thought maybe someone had glommed onto it. it was in my shopping cart.

i thanked them and said i didnt want to pay to have a replacement. i will use this old phone until it is totally necessary to replace it. i priced phones and seen that i probably will have to buy a pre owned phone. no way i will pay the price of a new one.

i went to the elders breakfast yesterday. i got there early. not many were there. i ate and went outside to smoke a cheap cigar. more people started arriving. i went back inside and spent the next two hours visiting with the elders. i never thought i would be included with this group. i am younger than many of the other elders but older than a few.

i like visiting by actually talking to people. yeah texting and face book is convenient but not the same as talking to some one. its nice to sit with people that all talk with each other and are not on phones. visiting is old school.

i went bowling last night. it was for my grandsons birthday. he wanted to bowl. i haven’t ever had any instruction or pointers on bowling. i just roll a straight ball at the pins. no spin or curve. i bowled a 136 and a 127. not enough to have anyone recruit me for their bowling team. i only bowl for the fun of it. in this case for my grand sons birthday.

gotta go pick up my meds. will see what else happens today.