and more rain

it was raining before i went to bed last night. i woke up a few times and heard it still raining. this morning i could see that the ground is saturated again. the rain is sitting on top of the ground. it is not getting soaked up because the ground is full of water.

we have water in the basement again. after hearing it rain most of the night, i kinda expected that. every time we get a lot of rain or snow melt our basement gets water. not much we can do except mop it up. that is a real hassle.

the winds were pretty strong yesterday. i had to pick up branches the wind broke off of trees. there were plastic trash cans that i picked up too. the wind blew them across the yard.

yesterday i took my dogs to get their rabies and distemper shots. they were also dipped for fleas and ticks. i think this is a good service. it was held at the tribal police department. they cosponsor the clinic. i dont know how many years i have taken my dogs to this. when they asked how old konugish was, i said 11. they thought older than that. i took him there since he was a pup.

mary picked one of the cabbages i grew. she fixed some home made cole slaw with it. it was the best cole slaw i had since the last batch she made. fresh cabbage makes it taste better. she picked about 6 more cabbages. some split on the top so we picked them. i will dice them up and save them for stew.

besides the cabbage from our garden we have eaten strawberries, kale, onions and radishes. even with all the rain we are managing to get something from our garden. our potatoes have flowered, so we should get some of them next. i picked more black berries. i froze them.

i was watching a tv show. it had indian people on it. the kind that were originally from india. that reminded me of when i used to help build bridges. i work with these red necks who always thought they were brighter than us indians.

on one job i seen this highway inspector. i said that is a real indian. the red necks asked how i could tell. i said ‘cuz he’s from india. they really didnt see any difference. they weren’t as bright as they thought they were.

at my last lab and doctor visit, the nurse checked my feet. i asked why. she said they have to do that with all diabetics. i said my feet are rough. i go barefoot a lot. even if i am just walking around in the yard. this is a hold over from my younger days. country indians didnt wear shoes all that much back in the day. except when they went to town.

as soon as my brother bubs would walk into my house, he would always take off his shoes. i do that too. when the nurse checked my feet she told me to put lotion on them. i doubt that helps much. i really do have rough feet.

what will this week bring.