time to mow

i haven’t been able to mow the lawn. the ground had been too muddy. yesterday’s temps in the 90s dried it out. i thought i better mow before the next round of rain comes. i am trying to keep up with mowing. seems like with all the rain we had, the lawn keeps growing.

i wanted to change the blades on the mower but didnt. i bought some off the internet. i will before next mowing. i probably will change the oil on the riding mower too. i want this mower to last me longer than the last one. i had it for bout 8 years i think. i keep this one in the shed.

the grass has grown a little high. i might rake up some of the cut grass to put in the new compost pile i started. i used up most of the compost from the last big pile i made. i usually give table scraps to the chickens. what they dont eat i add to the compost pile.

recently i was asked about the book i started writing. the question made me wonder why i haven’t been working on it. i am retired now. i planned on finishing the book when i retired. i write a blog every other day to force me to write. my book will never join my two older brothers’ books if i dont finish it.

i haven’t written anything for my book. it is tentatively called “aint no fort injun”. it is a autobiography about growing up on the rez and my travels through out life. it is my story but it could apply to many indians. some indians have similar enough stories that we can finish each others sentences some times.

i will have to make an effort to get back on that. i already have several chapters done. i had one done on my alcohol and drug days. thing is i lost that chapter. i only have about 3 pages of it. that kinda put me at an impasse of sorts.

i guess i have to rewrite that chapter. i really need that part of my life in my book. at that point in my life i could have given up. that life style took many of my bros. i had to relive those days in my mind. i will have to do that again. there is always someone to remind me of those days. i dont need that because i will never forget those times.

good thing i have a garden. a tribal program is giving away farmers market vouchers. thing is we are over the income level. been poor most of my life, now i make too much money? well hell i guess. its rare that families like us get anything anyway. its kinda like you get penalized for taking care of yourself.

been noticing our hay field. the hay is the tallest i have seen in years. well some of it is laying down because of the huge amount of rain we got last time. it will stand back up. usually by the fourth of july the hay is already cut. dont look that will happen.

i have given away some of my extra sema plants. i gave them to 3 people. i still have some left. i dont think anyone else wants them. i have plenty already planted so it aint like i will waste them.

gonna head to topeekie today.