end of june

they say corn should be knee high by the fourth of july. mine is there already

my crooked neck squash broke ground. i have 22 hills of it coming up. i am glad that they came up. i am running out of dried squash. i will try to do something different this year. i have heard not to grow too many squash on one vine. better to pinch all off but one or two squash. you get less squash but they will be bigger. the same thing can be done with cantaloupes or melons.

my corn seems to be doing good. it is about knee high now. cant predict what i will end up with. that depends on getting rain when needed and sunshine when needed. i wont know what i will get until mid august after the corn is dry.

i tilled up between the rows of my sema. got rid of the weeds that were growing. i hilled up the dirt. i watered the plants with rain water from my barrels. it is suppose to be in the 90s for the next week or so. the heat index will be 103 to 108 degrees today. i will have to keep watering my plants til this heat wave is over.

i was coming back from topeekie the other day. they have adding a layer of asphalt on top of the highway. it makes the ride somewhat smoother. used to be that you would hear a bump every 10 feet or so. it was from the tires hitting the holes or ridges in the road. the lanes heading south to topeekie aren’t done yet.

i ordered a pair of glasses a month or two ago. they are alright. i musta got a scratch on one lens. as much as i tried to ignore it, it still was within my vision. i was conscious of it every time i put my glasses on. i took the glasses back. i paid extra for scratch resistance. the place ordered a new lens. they will call me when it comes in.

we went to a garage sale. on the way home we stopped at a fireworks stand. it was run by our boys and girls club. we figured we would support indian business. not every one believes in doing that. the fireworks are for the grand kids to enjoy. we will take them to the fire works display at peoples park tonight.

i had a tick bite. usually they dont bother me. this time it had a little bit of an infection. i remember this one plant an old lady showed me. she said put it on the infected part and cover it. i did that with a band aid. the next day the infection was gone. good thing i remembered what that old lady told me.

i got a text last night bout 11:30. first i cussed til i read it. my grand daughter told me she had a son. then i was happy. that is my third great grand child. that dont make me feel old. i am happy especially since i didnt think i would live to see 30 years old. now i am a great grand pa. i will take that title with honor.