fireworks and a ballgame

we spent Friday with my grand kids. we had kinikwe and miamikwe in the morning. we took them over to the empowerment festival held at prairie peoples park. that started at one o clock. it was to informed the community about services or programs provided.

we walked around the park with the girls. we stopped at the bounce house. they played in there awhile. we also stopped at the photo booth. we had a picture of the four of us taken. we had on hats or props the booth provided. we were given a free print out of the pictures.

it was getting hot so we went to sit in the shade by the elders. they were located in a shelter house near the arena. i was given a cooling towel. it is designed to help cool down with after it is put in cold water. i kept putting it in my cooler when it lost the coolness. that kept me from feeling the heat.

a few elders talked about the days before air conditioning. we didnt have electricity much less a/c. some people today act like they cant handle the heat. we had to. we had no choice in the matter. i dont remember anyone whining about how hot it was back then.

we could hear the music from the shade. they had several musical acts. a couple of the musicians were prairie band. i like live music. they had good musicians playing. i got into a few indian dice games while sitting with the seniors. that was fun.

the girls’ parents came later. the girls joined them. we walked around some more. we had to get 15 signatures from the various booths to get the free t shirt, water bottle and bag. i wore the t shirt that night.

we had to leave for an hour to pick up the boys in topeekie. they played in the bounce house when we got back. there was a water feature near it. the kids were playing with the water squirting each other. they had a lot of fun. they were soaking wet. it probably kept them cooler. the temperature was above 100 degrees with the heat index.

we were back in time to hear indigenous, an indian band that played blues. i have seen them in concert before. i liked their cover of a Hendrix tune. after the music we waited for the fireworks. they didnt start right away.

we joked with the other seniors we were sitting with. we asked ‘do we start honking our horns, like at a drive in movie’. we had to laugh cuz that kinda aged us.

the fireworks were worth the wait. i thought it was a great display. i wondered why there weren’t more community members attending. it was a great all day event. i got to spend the whole day with the grand kids. we all went together to the photo booth to have our picture taken.

yesterday Andrew asked me if i was going to his game. while it was in question form, there was little doubt he was basically telling me to go. he said it might be my last game. how could misho resist that. i had promised to go watch him play one game. i was ‘talked’ into it. i drove him to Lawrence to watch the game. he had a good game.