everyone is going

not every one is going to the gathering. i aint. besides the ones they had here, i only went to 3 other gatherings. i drove to those ones. i didnt know anyone. most knew each other from all the years they have been going. some of us just sat there waiting for it to be time to eat.

i have work to do all this week. we got the tribal dumpster thing here. they will come pick it up this Friday. we have this week to fill it up. we have plenty of things to get rid of. i have a couple of piles of things that i have to mow around. it will be nice to get them out of the way.

i have some pallets that gotta go. i got them when i was making grow beds. the slats on these ones were too narrow. i dont need them now. i bought a pile of oak boards i can use instead.

the temps will be mid 80s and it will be partly cloudy. it will be bearable enough that we will be able to work outside all day, today. it wont be too hot. i worked in temps hotter than a hundred degrees plenty of times. i handled it. but now i dont have to. i will take a break when ever i need it and get a cold drink.

i also have to see how much corn will be ripe enough to pick. right now just the early ears are ready. if i dont pick them and dry them they will harden and i have to use them for seed. i better dry as much as i can get. i dont know how much i will end up with.

we are watching the grand sons this week too. they wont be here this week end because of that. we should have our work done so i am thinking a drive to Oklahoma to play bingo is possible. i like their prices and prizes. i stand a chance to win there.

if we get a break from working, we might take the boys to a local lake. the boys can go swimming and maybe fishing. i know they will have fun playing. gotta see how things turn out.

got work to do. i better get at it. never enough time in the day sometimes.

july about over

the boys after the ‘lion king’ play. my first ear of indian corn. two boxes of onions

i seen some of the corn silk has turned brown. i squeezed an ear with my thumb into a kernel. it popped. i knew then some of my indian corn is ready. i picked one ear and seen it is developed. it is pictured above.

i will get some corn after all. not all of it is ready to pick though. i will have to pick what is ready and dry it. i will get to the rest of it when it ripens. we will do this week after our summer dance is over.

the boys will be will us all this week. their school is closed for a week. they live in Lawrence and are always glad to be out in the country. they have plenty of things to do here that keep them busy. they will help us dry corn. or at least what corn is ready.

i dug up the onions in my grow beds. i filled up two card board flats with them. we have been eating fresh green onions all spring. i still got a crop after eating all of them. i planted them in between the strawberries and cabbages. they grow together as companion plants.

i weeded my grow boxes. i seen that i have some habanero peppers forming. they haven’t turned color yet. that is when they get hot. i also have leeks that are probably ready to pick. i also have some jalapeno peppers. my okra have given me a few pods so far. there are more on it. i will save the okra to make some gumbo with.

the tribe brought over a dumpster. we have it for a week. in that time we will fill it with things we no longer need. it will be nice to get rid of trash, junk and broken things. i have some things that prevent me from mowing. they will go into the dumpster. when it is full the tribe will come haul it off, that is a good service.

i probably will have another batch of sema to fix this week. i am glad. i put some work into keeping my plants alive thru the heat. i carried a watering can back and forth between the plants and my rain barrels. i watered my plants many times. now i am being rewarded for my work.

i have to adjust my new outdoor antenna. this country indian gotta learn all that stuff. i haven’t tried to tune in Kansas city. it has more channels. i will also have to try Lawrence. i am hoping i will be able to get KU games. this week i will run another cable to the living room for our main tv. after that its kiss cable good bye. hell yeah. i will save some coin doing that.

i have a number of chores to do this week. we also have to watch the grand sons. some of our people are heading to the potawatomi gathering in Canada. we aren’t going. too much work to do. that’s okay. it keeps me going.

finished canning for now

we put in a few days canning tomatoes

we canned hot sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and whole tomatoes. altogether we have about 5 gallons of them canned. that is around 45 pounds of tomatoes we saved. that wont last long. the hot sauce should last bout a year though. we will probably can more tomatoes later.

besides the tomatoes we put away, we also canned the blue berries and nenwezhek we picked. dont know if we will can other veggies or not. have to go to a farmers market and see what they have on sale. it would have to be in bulk.

i finally got my outside tv antenna up. i was waiting on my son to help me. he sprained his ankle playing softball. it took a while to heal up. he came over and we climbed up on the roof and mounted the antenna onto the roof. then we ran the cable through a hole i drilled into the side of the porch.

i had to use a little “injunuity” (no offense to my native friends) to get the cable inside. i dont have a drill long enough to go thru my 6 inch walls. i drilled a hole in the corner of the door jamb. the cable was able to lay flat enough for the door to close with it laying there.

i now have 25 channels that the antenna pulls in. 16 of them are clear. channels include the local news channels. i can watch Colbert while in bed now. did that last night. i will get jeopardy too. i am still figuring out have to tune in more channels. i haven’t tried to get Kansas City.

we have my roku that pulls in free channels too. and i have Netflix and amazon prime. that will give us plenty of channels to watch. next i have to split the signal and run it to the living room. once that is done i will tell my cable supplier to take a hike. i will save some money too.

i am getting more eggs per day now since i got rid of that black snake. i didnt kill it. i just took it for a ride several miles away. i let it go by a bridge. it took off into the weeds. i hope it dont come back. i dont raise chickens so snakes can eat my eggs.

i mowed my yard again yesterday. the grass is growing fast this year. i will have to change the oil in my riding mower soon. i might as well change the mower blades too. i will change the spark plug and air filter too. i bought a kit for that purpose.

we might get some rain sunday night and Monday morning. that will help my corn. it is about 5 foot tall and has tasseled and have ears forming. i am hoping i will get some to dry. can never tell until the growing season is over. that will be soon.

we went to a cook out at banner creek. i have driven by it many times but never stopped. it is a nice lake. i went wading in the swimming area. i want to take the grandsons there to swim and fish. they will be with us all next week. their school is closed for the week. they will keep misho busy.

canning tomatoes now

we are canning tomatoes now

i am getting a few tomatoes from my plants. i am eating them as fast as they ripen. the plants didnt get very big. i aint getting very many either. just enough to eat.

we try to can tomatoes when we can. since i wasnt getting that many we decided to buy some to can. we made hot sauce from a flat of tomatoes we bought while coming back from Oklahoma. i used habaneros i grew. we canned 15 pints of hot sauce.

i like to buy from farmers markets. sometimes i cant find enough. road side stands are another place i get them from. one place charges too much. a small basket goes for $5. that ends up about a dollar per tomato. that’s winter prices.

i searched on facebook. i found a place in Oakland. this guy has 13 different heirloom tomatoes. he grows over 1100 plants. he sells his for $2 a pound. the cost is worth it when we eat what we have canned.

it may be cheaper to buy canned tomatoes or spaghetti sauce from the store. but home canned tastes a lot better. it is also healthier. it is not filled with fructose and other chemicals like the kind in stores.

we bought several flats of tomatoes with the goal of canning them. so far we have 9 pints of salsa. we are gonna to can spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and plain tomatoes. we will be doing that today.

we drove to Lawrence yesterday to see Andrew act in a play. it was ‘the lion king’. it was held at hilltop school on the ku campus. Andrew and Samuel go to this school. it is a fine school. the boys learn a lot from it.

Andrew said he wanted his misho and gramma to see him in the play. we drove down to show him our support. he was peeking at us from behind his lion mask. he wanted to make sure we were there. how could we miss?

on the way we seen a farmer selling sweet corn. he sold 13 ears for $5. he said it would be the best corn we had. it was called serendipity. it was good corn. i ate 3 ears of corn, it was so good. we sealed some with the food processor and froze them for later. the farmer said soon there wont be any fresh sweet corn. growing season is about over. that’s why we saved some.

on the way back i stop to see an older lady. she asked me if i had any tomatoes to sell for BLTs. i told her maybe as a trade for a pie. she agreed. she is going to make me a gooseberry pie. she is a great baker. i only traded her some tomatoes because she is a friend of mine. gotta be good to older people.

yesterday i went out to get the eggs. i seen a big black snake in the egg boxes. i caught it. it was about 5 feet long. i put it in a container that had a lid on it. i put that in the car and drove several miles away. i let it go. i hope that it dont find its way back here. i might have to kill it if so.

i know that black snakes are beneficial. they keep the small rodent population down. that may be true but i dont raise chickens so that snakes can eat my eggs. now i know why i haven’t gotten any eggs on some days.

some people freak out when they are around snakes. i tell them they should be more worried about the ones that walk upright on two legs instead of the ones that crawl on their bellies.

in a few weeks we might be drying corn. the ears are forming on the stalks. the stalks are about 5 feet tall. some are are shorter. we will see.

gonna cool down a little

lived thru the heat indexes in the 100s. i am glad i have central air. it made it bearable during the hot temperatures. i stayed in a lot. or rode in my old rav4 that still has working a/c.

now we will have about a week of temps in the upper 80s. that will be much cooler than the heat wave we have been in. i can live with these cooler temperatures. i can mow the yard and not get drenched in sweat from the heat.

i had my push mower worked on. it would kinda start then die out. i took it to my cuz who works on small engines. he found it had a wire that was shorting out. he fixed it. i use the push mower around trees and small areas that my riding mower cant reach.

summer is winding down and i haven’t been any where. well besides a short bingo trip down south. my daughter moved into her new place in southern California. we plan on taking a train ride to see her after she is settled in. i dont want to drive the almost 3 thousand round trip. that would be over 40 hours on the road.

i haven’t ridden a train in this country since i was brought home after my birth. that was 67 years ago. i rode trains in Enland, France, Rome and Peru during my travels. those train rides were fun. that is why i want to ride a train here in the states.

we will ride thru the south west on the way to my daughters. i have been thinking of getting a sleeper car. it costs more but at least we will have a place to rest during the long ride. we will also have private viewing.

i will go see my grand son Andrew in a play at his school tomorrow. he is in the play ‘lion king’. he said he wanted his misho and grand ma there to watch him. how can i miss it after he said that.

next week Andrew and Samuel’s school will close for the whole week. they will spend the week with us. i promised Andrew that we will go fishing. i haven’t done that yet. he caught a fish his first time out fishing. it should be fun.

we got some rain this past weekend. just at the right time. my corn has ears of corn developing. the rain and cooler temperatures should help the corn grow better. the stalks are different sizes but i am lucky i have some. i may still get some corn to dry. these next few weeks are critical in the growth of my corn. i will see how it turns out.

i am waiting for my new hens to start laying. i bought them as chicks this spring. some may start laying eggs next month. some maybe the following month. i have 16 of them left. i will have plenty of eggs then. i will be able to sell my surplus to buy feed. i like it when the chickens support themselves.

gotta dig more potatoes up while it is cooler. i am lucky my garden didnt burn up. seems odd saying that after it almost drown out from too much rain earlier this spring. just lucky i still have a garden that i can eat fresh veggies from.

will see what this week brings.

the heat is on

been staying in because of the heat indexes. when i go out to feed and water my animals i can feel the heat as soon as i open the door. today it is suppose to be 116 degrees with the heat index. this indian is staying cool by staying in.

i am glad that i have central air. i dont know how i lived with out it. i have though. i remember the days of not having air conditioning well. when you aint got electricity you aint got a/c. there wasnt any thing we could do about how hot it was. we had to live with it.

heard some friends complaining about the heat. i told them they better mend their ways then. it is hotter in hell. got a polite smile but no laugh out of that.

while being indoors i have been on my computer. that cost me some money. i got caught up in the amazon prime days thing. i seen a coupla things i had to have. well i didnt really have to have them. i just went for it. i have done with out so many times in my life. now if i want some thing i get it.

Andrew dropped his tablet. it is cheaper to buy a new one than it is to replace the broken screen. prime sold tablets for $29 instead of $49. i had to go for that deal. i also bought a food vacuum saver system. we use one to preserve food that we freeze. the old one was worn out from so much use. we put away food every year.

i didnt buy any thing that we cant use. i get things when they are on sale. i try to save money so i can stretch my dollars. i will never be rich. missed that boat long ago.

i have been working on my music play lists too. i have thousands of songs on my computer and in cds. i am reorganizing so my favorite songs are included on my play lists. i cant say what my favorite song is. i can narrow it down to the top 3 or 4 hundred though. i try to listen to my music instead of what’s playing else where.

i also worked on my long dormant book. i reread it. i changed a word here and there. i do that with my blogs too. i will write some thing and then go back and change a word or two to strengthen or reinforce a meaning. gots to get that book done some time. that is my goal now. got the time but dont make the time.

i made my first picking of sema this morning. the heat zaps the plants. the leaves wilt from this heat. then when the sun goes down, the leaves recuperate. i weeded last night and watered the plants. i pulled the biggest leaves off today. that should make the water available to make the rest of the leaves bigger. this heat will dry this batch of sema fast.

the annual potawatomi gathering is coming up. around here some say “everyone is going”. dont know what they mean by every one. some of us aren’t going. one year another band wanted me to speak. one of our then council members said nope that aint happening. so i wasnt included. after that i lost interest in going to gatherings. that was alright. i dont have any thing to prove to any one. i have gone to a few gatherings on my own dime though.

maybe i will go to a movie. enjoy the free a/c in a nearly empty theater. last time i went mary and i were the only ones in the show we seen. i wanna see that movie about beatles tunes.

i dont need to be told stay out of the heat if possible. okay.

garden has done well

my corn is tasseling and ears of corn are forming.

most of my corn is tasseling now. i can see silk on some forming ears. i may still get some corn yet. the corn is taller on the lower end of the garden. it got stunted in some places. i plant on a slight slope for drainage. the water drains to the bottom end. that is why some corn is taller. i say that i take what i get.

i am pleased that my garden has done alright in spite of the wet weather we have had. now the heat is coming. they are predicting 105 to 110 degrees with the heat index this week end. i went out this morning and watered my sema. some of the leaves are the biggest i have seen in awhile. i might do my first picking in a few days.

i am lucky that i have eaten fresh vegetables this year. i had cabbages, kale, radishes, onions, jalapenos, strawberries, cilantro, dill, cucumbers and potatoes. i had several pickings of kale. we get fresh onions any time we need them. i still have potatoes in the ground.

the cole slaw and fried cabbage was good. some were the fried potatoes i had. the red potatoes were fried with the onions i grew. i added hot sauce that i made to them. my straw berries were the biggest and the sweetest i ever had.

i went skunk trying to grow lettuce and spinach. i may have started the seeds too late. i am still waiting on my bell peppers, habaneros, okra and sweet potatoes. my tomatoes have fruit on them but the plants didnt get very big. i will still get some tomatoes. yep i am real grateful for what ever i get.

the coming heat must mean fiesta Mexicana is here. i didnt go last year. i used to park at my aunt zeldas house. we would walk over the banner street bridge to the fiesta. i thought of my aunt last year. maybe that’s why i didnt go. it just wouldn’t be the same without stopping in and visiting with her.

i bought some gold fish from a bait shop in topeekie. i lost two of them on the drive home. i put the rest of them in my rain barrels. i seen that i lost one more this morning. it was floating when i was watering my sema. the rest of the gold fish are swimming around. they will keep my rain barrels clean.

i got a massage yesterday. i went to a high school class mates place in beautiful down town mayet-ti. i had tension in my neck and shoulders. he relieved that. i will probably go back to him for a massage some other time. he told me to tell others about him. i said i would.

i plan on working inside these next few days because of the predicted heat wave. i still have to feed my critters though. i will make sure they have water. gonna kick back in the a/c. hell yeah.

digging taters

picked fresh cucumbers and dug up some potatoes. a picture of an “indian razor”. me and the boys by mall fountain.

sometimes people will ask me if its too late to plant something. i tell them if you dont plant it, for sure it wont grow. if you plant late at least you have a chance you will get something. if nothing grows, what are you out of. a coupla bucks worth of seeds?

i planted my potatoes kinds late this year because of the wet ground. i like fresh potatoes enough that i thought i would take a chance. good gamble. i did get some red potatoes. we will cook them up. when they gone, i will dig more up.

i used a potato fork i bought at a flea market for 4 bucks. i knew i would eventually need one to dig up my potatoes. i find tools i need at many flea markets or garage sales. why buy new when i can save money.

my grandson was helping me dig the potatoes up. didnt take long til he said ‘i’m going back in.’ it wasnt that hot but is warm enough. i finished digging them up by myself. when i got back inside he asked me if i was still going to pay him. i asked for what. he said for helping me. that kid.

an old friend of mine named Kenny used to always have a garden. he was one of the best around here. i listened to any thing he said about gardening. he told me to grow red potatoes, said they were the best. you can boil them, fry them. any way you fix them they are good. i agree. they are good when they are roasted too.

i picked my first cucumbers today. i got 6 nice ones. there are still more growing but they aren’t ready to pick. these fresh cukes really taste good. that is why i grow them. if i dont have any i will buy them at the farmers market.

i mentioned my misho using a spring to pluck his whiskers. some one sent me a picture of such a spring. actually two. i think there are still a few older guys around here that still use springs to pluck facial hair. that always reminds me of my misho. he would sit in his wheel chair plucking his whiskers.

a class mate of mine from high school has a business in Mayetta. it is the store front that has the train mural on the outside brick wall. i think long ago it was a bank. Mayetta had it going on when the railroad went thru. the mural is of those days.

my class mate does massages. i could use one. i haven’t had any in awhile. i usually get one around per cap time. i got an appointment tomorrow at 11.

nice to see some one still trying to have a business in down town mayetti. there aren’t many businesses left in my home town. well i used to tell people in my travels that Mayetta was where i am from. actually i am from the rez. nobody called it the rez in them days. not many wanted to live here then. guess now its cool or something.

will see what this week brings.

warming up

we canned hot sauce and blue berries. we froze blue berries too. we got to ride on a trailer pulled by a tractor on the way to pick berries.

we have been busy putting away things for the coming year. we have canned hot sauce. i have to have that. we canned and froze 18 pounds of blue berries. we picked and bought some the other day from an orchard. we have a full freezer. that’s why we can. it saves room.

my niece kek came over to watch mary can the blue berries. she wants to start canning. she wanted to see the whole process. it is better to see how some one does it from beginning to end. mary didnt have anyone to show her. she learned by doing it.

i think canning is a needed life skill. same with drying things. our people had to do this back when we were poor. there is no need to today because food is so readily available in stores. but it is healthier to produce as much of ones food as possible. too many foods today can make people sick. a government seal of approval dont make food safe to eat.

we will still can salsa and tomatoes. we will can whatever we get off my tomato plants. i probably will have to buy tomatoes from a farmers market if we need more. i dont like buying a tomato for a dollar in the winter. then it dont have any taste.

i mowed the yard again. the lawn grows fast from all the rain we go this year. we had more rainfall this year than we have had in years. last year we bordered on being in a drought. i think we were in a drought advisory.

my indian corn is starting to tassel. some stalks are taller than others. the corn is not uniform size because of the weather we had. i am lucky my corn didnt drown out. at least i got some. i hope it makes it to maturity.

i planted 22 hills of crooked neck squash. maybe only half the hills have plants in them. that is okay. those hills should still produce plenty of squash if they make it. i will dry what ever i get.

this evening we will dig potatoes. they should be ready. i planted red potatoes. they are good boiled or fried. the small ones taste good when they are grilled.

the other day i was thinking about my misho. he had this spring he used to pluck his whiskers out with. it takes longer for them to come back after plucking. i use tweezers today. i can shave and feel stubble at the end of the day. that’s why i pluck the whiskers. so much for indians not having facial hair.

got a busy day planned. gotta get moving

went blue berry picking

we went to pick blue berries. canning is next

we usually pick blue berries at Hiawatha. we had plans to go there today. last night they posted on face book picking would be sparse. the birds ate most of the berries. it took one person half an hour to pick a cereal bowl full of berries.

that put us on plan B. mary and i drove to a place near Lawrence with my sisters jackie and lisa. we left the rez bout 6:30. we got down there right at 8 o clock. besides an older gent, we were the first ones there. we paid a 2 dollar admission fee and climbed onto the trailer hooked up to a tractor. this hayride (without the hay) took us up to the field where the blue berries were.

we were in a blue berry picking mood. we got to picking. we talking back and forth and laughing as we picked. we noticed clouds moving in. we kept picking. soon one of the workers came up to tell us to move to a small building. we paid for what we picked. mary and i picked about 8 pounds of berries.

the wind picked up and we were told to move to another shelter house. the rain poured down for a while. the owner came and said the rain was expected to continue for some time. he said it would be a long wait.

we got onto the trailer again when the rain let up. it took us back to the main building. the owner said they had some berries already picked. we could have them at the picking price. that was a dollar off a pound. we bought 10 more pounds of blue berries at that price. so mary and i ended up with 18 pounds of blue berries.

we were happy with that amount of blue berries. we took what we had and made the drive home. we stopped in topeekie to eat at a migo diner. after eating we finished the drive home. we put our berries in a big stainless steel dish pan. it held all the berries.

next step is to can some. my sisters said they put some in small bags and froze them. their grandsons will eat them. we will do the same with some of the berries. we will have berries for awhile. our day trip was worth it.