another month passes

cant believe it is already july. it aint like time is passing by quickly. guess if you see enough seasons pass, one will go by without noticing. maybe hearing i am a great grand pa again got to me. never thought i would live this long. i am not old but too many of the people i knew didnt make it this far.

the fourth is a coupla days away. i think of the old country saying about corn. knee high by the fourth of july. i guess that is the benchmark for corn. mine is waist high now. that must mean my corn is doing okay. i hope it continues to grow until harvest time.

we will have fireworks for the grand kids. they want them. while all the celebrating of freedom and independence is going on i will think of those kids at the border. and my bros behind the walls. not all are free in a country to holds itself up as the epitome of freedom.

they just cut the hay in our field and baled it up. it is usually cut by the fourth. i get a rent check from my share of the hay. it isn’t anywhere near what the hay is worth though.

it is already july and i haven’t gone any where. i assume i will go on a road trip some time. i am not ready to start a go fund page to send this poor indian to the great wall of china and Angkor wat. the best trips are the ones where we just up and go. we get a destination in mind and go. the trip there and back is as much fun as the end destination.

i need to head to town. i need to set up an irrigation system for my tomato plants. i have soaker hoses. i need attachmets to rig it up to my water faucet hose. the soaker hose will circle the plants. then has to be connected to the next bed of tomatoes. i have some tomatoes forming already.

we had boiled cabbage with polish kielbasa sausage last night. it was made with the cabbage i grew. we already had fresh cole slaw with my cabbage. both tasted real good. better than store bought cabbage.

mary picked some more of my kale i grow. i dont know how much longer i will get some of that. the heat will make it turn bitter real soon. we have eaten it several times now. i will continue to grow it every year.

i got the new lens for my glasses yesterday. it replaced the lens that was scratched. it was put into my glasses and i was on my way. it didnt cost me anything. it dont seem right that i have to pay extra for scratch protection instead of that place guaranteeing their product. no business does that any more.

i bought about 15 cds at a garage sale for a buck apiece. that is more economical than buying one song off iTunes for 99 cents. i get a collection of songs for the money. i will add songs to my play lists. i listen to them when i am doing something and when i am on a road trip. i would rather listen to music i enjoy instead what is on the radio. half the time they play lame music.

we will have a cookout over the weekend. that will be fun.

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