got a little rain

woke up this morning to a little rain. i appreciate that. i am thinking of my corn. this will help it grow. the next few weeks will determine if i get enough corn to dry or not. not enough rain or not enough sunshine can stunt the growth.

the next few weeks is an important time in the corns development. i have had tall corn at the end of july. then like last year we had temps in the 100s with no rain. the corn didnt develop. i was lucky i got a few gallons. another time it was cloudy for 3 weeks. the corn didnt develop.

i am dependent on what nature gives me. we were told not to run in the rain. it is like running from what we are asking for. all living things, especially the foods were grow, need water.

the rain dampened the ground. i am glad the ground isn’t dry. this is our only chance to light fire works for the grand kids. the boys’ grandma from the southwest is here. they wont be here this weekend.

we just got back from the boys and girls clubs’ fireworks stand. it is located in the building next to one stop on highway 75. we had to go buy more fireworks for the grand kids. we should have plenty for them to enjoy.

we were talking about how our parents didnt buy us that many fireworks when we were kids. now the grand kids get a lot. that’s probably cuz older couples struggled to get by with their kids. now they make it up to the grand kids. young couples have it better nowadays than it used to be. that’s good.

i am kinda thinking since the boys wont be here this week end maybe we will drive to Oklahoma for bingo. they play for $2000 a game. the buy in cost is $42. i haven’t gambled since the last time i went down there about 4 or 5 months ago. gotta get my gambling jones on.

we are firing up the grill. gotta take any opportunity to have a cook out. when you are retired, every day is a holiday. and well every day is a work day too.

normally i dont like hot dogs. i do like them cooked on the grill though. i will also grill up some jalapeno peppers. my pepper plants have just enough for one grilling.

i bought some water hose attachments yesterday. i will rig up my soaker hoses around my tomatoes. i have 4 plants around a 5 gallon bucket. this is enclosed in a tomato support made of concrete wire. i have two of these. that means the soaker hose has to wrap around all 8 plants. there is a break in between each set of 4.

while in town i bought some sandals to wear this summer. they look like old man sandals. i shouldn’t draw any looks over that. i am at that age where older ones call me young and the younger ones call me an old guy.

we have picked blue berries at a place up north. they say the berries are about ready. either this weekend or first of next week. i hope it is the first of the week. i will be able to pick some then. i forgot how many we canned last year. i want more.

it is the fourth of july and i haven’t seen any menashkuk. it usually grows in the ditch by my house. it must be late coming up this year. i use it every now and then when i have a sweat lodge. haven’t had one of them in some time.

gotta get ready for the cook out and grand kids coming.