got more rain

the rain woke me up. that is a good way to wake up. again i thought of my indian corn. this will make it grow. it is over waist high right now. it will grow taller after this rain. i am thinking that not many will have corn this year.

we are heading to Oklahoma today. this will be a short road trip. misho been staying home. need some open road. we will take the turnpike down to el dorado. there we jump onto a two lane highway. it is a pleasant drive thru small towns.

there is a bingo hall just over the state line. it is only a three hour drive. this wont be a long road trip. we will spend the night then drive back tomorrow. be back so soon it wont even feel like we were gone.

i will visit the hamburger place i always stop at. i am not into burgers but i like the way they make them at this place. it looks like a 50s drive up. service is good like those old places too. i will get my fix of red meat.

bingo starts at 5:30 this afternoon. i haven’t gambled since the last time i was at this bingo hall. everyone plays paper. no machines. so i wont have to play against the big players with hundreds of cards like here. i want a chance to win, even if i have to drive to Oklahoma.

bingo will be over 9 or so. that gives us time to find something to eat before heading back to the motel room we reserved. we will probably hit the slots a little while. i haven’t been on one in so long i forgot how they worked. if i remember right you drop money in and you dont get anything back. or something like that.

gotta feed my critters before hitting the road. that dont take long. i will feed them again when i get home tomorrow.

just a short blog. gotta get ready to hit the road. i will put on one of my play lists. jam out while driving.

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