no win ums

we took a selfie at newkirk bingo

got off the rez again. the grand sons were with their grand mother from the south west. she was visiting for the holidays. we took the opportunity to drive down to newkirk Oklahoma to play bingo.

they dont use machines at this bingo hall. so there aren’t handfuls of people with hundreds of cards playing against you like at our place. prices aren’t bad either. my packet for 2 thou a game cost me 50 bucks. that was to play every game including specials.

the big u pick em prize drew a full house. it was for $20,000. it was to go until some one won it. the place was packed. we got there an hour and a half early. we were lucky to even find two seats together. we sat in the non smoking room. that was good because it was way too smoky in the other room.

we didnt win but had fun on a week end getaway. we were this close to winning 24 thou. one game i was one number away from winning 2 thou. in a later game mary was also one number away from 2 thou. they didnt call either of our numbers.

the very last game is what drew the crowd. it was the u pick em game for 20 thou. mary needed one number to win it. number 7 didnt prove lucky for her. some one else won after calling about 5 more numbers. mary and i were really watching the monitor as each new number came up. we didnt win but we got our juice.

some say they wouldn’t know what to do if they won. i sure do. i would be booking my tickets to Angkor Wat and China right now. those are items on my bucket list i have to fill.

there was no need to rush home so we didnt. i wanted a slow cruise home. we took the two laned highways home. we made a number of stops. i had to check out an antique store. that took me awhile to go thru the place. i have to view every thing.

we also stopped at a estate sale. every thing was 50% off. i found a few things. got a wooden bowl for a buck. they sell for way more than that. i use them in indian dice sets.

we seen a farmers stand on the side of the road. i turned around to see what they had. i buy things that i dont grow. the guy had boxes of tomatoes. i bought one box of them. i will use them to make hot sauce. i am running out of it. i have tomatoes but i like to just eat them sliced up, fresh off the vine.

we got home bout 5 yesterday afternoon. my dog was glad to see me. i took a nap because i was tired. ol misho is getting older. maybe next time i take a trip i might take a train. leave the driving to some one else.

i rode a train in England to see Stonehenge. i took a train from paris to rome. i also rode a train thru the incan valley in Peru on my way to Machu Picchu. i haven’t ridden on a train in this country though. well i did when i was born. my mother brought me home on the train.

maybe i will take a train to visit my daughter when she starts her new job. she will be living near palm springs. right now she is in spain. she ran with the bulls yesterday. glad she does things i wish i could do.

will see what this week brings.