went blue berry picking

we went to pick blue berries. canning is next

we usually pick blue berries at Hiawatha. we had plans to go there today. last night they posted on face book picking would be sparse. the birds ate most of the berries. it took one person half an hour to pick a cereal bowl full of berries.

that put us on plan B. mary and i drove to a place near Lawrence with my sisters jackie and lisa. we left the rez bout 6:30. we got down there right at 8 o clock. besides an older gent, we were the first ones there. we paid a 2 dollar admission fee and climbed onto the trailer hooked up to a tractor. this hayride (without the hay) took us up to the field where the blue berries were.

we were in a blue berry picking mood. we got to picking. we talking back and forth and laughing as we picked. we noticed clouds moving in. we kept picking. soon one of the workers came up to tell us to move to a small building. we paid for what we picked. mary and i picked about 8 pounds of berries.

the wind picked up and we were told to move to another shelter house. the rain poured down for a while. the owner came and said the rain was expected to continue for some time. he said it would be a long wait.

we got onto the trailer again when the rain let up. it took us back to the main building. the owner said they had some berries already picked. we could have them at the picking price. that was a dollar off a pound. we bought 10 more pounds of blue berries at that price. so mary and i ended up with 18 pounds of blue berries.

we were happy with that amount of blue berries. we took what we had and made the drive home. we stopped in topeekie to eat at a migo diner. after eating we finished the drive home. we put our berries in a big stainless steel dish pan. it held all the berries.

next step is to can some. my sisters said they put some in small bags and froze them. their grandsons will eat them. we will do the same with some of the berries. we will have berries for awhile. our day trip was worth it.

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