warming up

we canned hot sauce and blue berries. we froze blue berries too. we got to ride on a trailer pulled by a tractor on the way to pick berries.

we have been busy putting away things for the coming year. we have canned hot sauce. i have to have that. we canned and froze 18 pounds of blue berries. we picked and bought some the other day from an orchard. we have a full freezer. that’s why we can. it saves room.

my niece kek came over to watch mary can the blue berries. she wants to start canning. she wanted to see the whole process. it is better to see how some one does it from beginning to end. mary didnt have anyone to show her. she learned by doing it.

i think canning is a needed life skill. same with drying things. our people had to do this back when we were poor. there is no need to today because food is so readily available in stores. but it is healthier to produce as much of ones food as possible. too many foods today can make people sick. a government seal of approval dont make food safe to eat.

we will still can salsa and tomatoes. we will can whatever we get off my tomato plants. i probably will have to buy tomatoes from a farmers market if we need more. i dont like buying a tomato for a dollar in the winter. then it dont have any taste.

i mowed the yard again. the lawn grows fast from all the rain we go this year. we had more rainfall this year than we have had in years. last year we bordered on being in a drought. i think we were in a drought advisory.

my indian corn is starting to tassel. some stalks are taller than others. the corn is not uniform size because of the weather we had. i am lucky my corn didnt drown out. at least i got some. i hope it makes it to maturity.

i planted 22 hills of crooked neck squash. maybe only half the hills have plants in them. that is okay. those hills should still produce plenty of squash if they make it. i will dry what ever i get.

this evening we will dig potatoes. they should be ready. i planted red potatoes. they are good boiled or fried. the small ones taste good when they are grilled.

the other day i was thinking about my misho. he had this spring he used to pluck his whiskers out with. it takes longer for them to come back after plucking. i use tweezers today. i can shave and feel stubble at the end of the day. that’s why i pluck the whiskers. so much for indians not having facial hair.

got a busy day planned. gotta get moving