digging taters

picked fresh cucumbers and dug up some potatoes. a picture of an “indian razor”. me and the boys by mall fountain.

sometimes people will ask me if its too late to plant something. i tell them if you dont plant it, for sure it wont grow. if you plant late at least you have a chance you will get something. if nothing grows, what are you out of. a coupla bucks worth of seeds?

i planted my potatoes kinds late this year because of the wet ground. i like fresh potatoes enough that i thought i would take a chance. good gamble. i did get some red potatoes. we will cook them up. when they gone, i will dig more up.

i used a potato fork i bought at a flea market for 4 bucks. i knew i would eventually need one to dig up my potatoes. i find tools i need at many flea markets or garage sales. why buy new when i can save money.

my grandson was helping me dig the potatoes up. didnt take long til he said ‘i’m going back in.’ it wasnt that hot but is warm enough. i finished digging them up by myself. when i got back inside he asked me if i was still going to pay him. i asked for what. he said for helping me. that kid.

an old friend of mine named Kenny used to always have a garden. he was one of the best around here. i listened to any thing he said about gardening. he told me to grow red potatoes, said they were the best. you can boil them, fry them. any way you fix them they are good. i agree. they are good when they are roasted too.

i picked my first cucumbers today. i got 6 nice ones. there are still more growing but they aren’t ready to pick. these fresh cukes really taste good. that is why i grow them. if i dont have any i will buy them at the farmers market.

i mentioned my misho using a spring to pluck his whiskers. some one sent me a picture of such a spring. actually two. i think there are still a few older guys around here that still use springs to pluck facial hair. that always reminds me of my misho. he would sit in his wheel chair plucking his whiskers.

a class mate of mine from high school has a business in Mayetta. it is the store front that has the train mural on the outside brick wall. i think long ago it was a bank. Mayetta had it going on when the railroad went thru. the mural is of those days.

my class mate does massages. i could use one. i haven’t had any in awhile. i usually get one around per cap time. i got an appointment tomorrow at 11.

nice to see some one still trying to have a business in down town mayetti. there aren’t many businesses left in my home town. well i used to tell people in my travels that Mayetta was where i am from. actually i am from the rez. nobody called it the rez in them days. not many wanted to live here then. guess now its cool or something.

will see what this week brings.