garden has done well

my corn is tasseling and ears of corn are forming.

most of my corn is tasseling now. i can see silk on some forming ears. i may still get some corn yet. the corn is taller on the lower end of the garden. it got stunted in some places. i plant on a slight slope for drainage. the water drains to the bottom end. that is why some corn is taller. i say that i take what i get.

i am pleased that my garden has done alright in spite of the wet weather we have had. now the heat is coming. they are predicting 105 to 110 degrees with the heat index this week end. i went out this morning and watered my sema. some of the leaves are the biggest i have seen in awhile. i might do my first picking in a few days.

i am lucky that i have eaten fresh vegetables this year. i had cabbages, kale, radishes, onions, jalapenos, strawberries, cilantro, dill, cucumbers and potatoes. i had several pickings of kale. we get fresh onions any time we need them. i still have potatoes in the ground.

the cole slaw and fried cabbage was good. some were the fried potatoes i had. the red potatoes were fried with the onions i grew. i added hot sauce that i made to them. my straw berries were the biggest and the sweetest i ever had.

i went skunk trying to grow lettuce and spinach. i may have started the seeds too late. i am still waiting on my bell peppers, habaneros, okra and sweet potatoes. my tomatoes have fruit on them but the plants didnt get very big. i will still get some tomatoes. yep i am real grateful for what ever i get.

the coming heat must mean fiesta Mexicana is here. i didnt go last year. i used to park at my aunt zeldas house. we would walk over the banner street bridge to the fiesta. i thought of my aunt last year. maybe that’s why i didnt go. it just wouldn’t be the same without stopping in and visiting with her.

i bought some gold fish from a bait shop in topeekie. i lost two of them on the drive home. i put the rest of them in my rain barrels. i seen that i lost one more this morning. it was floating when i was watering my sema. the rest of the gold fish are swimming around. they will keep my rain barrels clean.

i got a massage yesterday. i went to a high school class mates place in beautiful down town mayet-ti. i had tension in my neck and shoulders. he relieved that. i will probably go back to him for a massage some other time. he told me to tell others about him. i said i would.

i plan on working inside these next few days because of the predicted heat wave. i still have to feed my critters though. i will make sure they have water. gonna kick back in the a/c. hell yeah.