the heat is on

been staying in because of the heat indexes. when i go out to feed and water my animals i can feel the heat as soon as i open the door. today it is suppose to be 116 degrees with the heat index. this indian is staying cool by staying in.

i am glad that i have central air. i dont know how i lived with out it. i have though. i remember the days of not having air conditioning well. when you aint got electricity you aint got a/c. there wasnt any thing we could do about how hot it was. we had to live with it.

heard some friends complaining about the heat. i told them they better mend their ways then. it is hotter in hell. got a polite smile but no laugh out of that.

while being indoors i have been on my computer. that cost me some money. i got caught up in the amazon prime days thing. i seen a coupla things i had to have. well i didnt really have to have them. i just went for it. i have done with out so many times in my life. now if i want some thing i get it.

Andrew dropped his tablet. it is cheaper to buy a new one than it is to replace the broken screen. prime sold tablets for $29 instead of $49. i had to go for that deal. i also bought a food vacuum saver system. we use one to preserve food that we freeze. the old one was worn out from so much use. we put away food every year.

i didnt buy any thing that we cant use. i get things when they are on sale. i try to save money so i can stretch my dollars. i will never be rich. missed that boat long ago.

i have been working on my music play lists too. i have thousands of songs on my computer and in cds. i am reorganizing so my favorite songs are included on my play lists. i cant say what my favorite song is. i can narrow it down to the top 3 or 4 hundred though. i try to listen to my music instead of what’s playing else where.

i also worked on my long dormant book. i reread it. i changed a word here and there. i do that with my blogs too. i will write some thing and then go back and change a word or two to strengthen or reinforce a meaning. gots to get that book done some time. that is my goal now. got the time but dont make the time.

i made my first picking of sema this morning. the heat zaps the plants. the leaves wilt from this heat. then when the sun goes down, the leaves recuperate. i weeded last night and watered the plants. i pulled the biggest leaves off today. that should make the water available to make the rest of the leaves bigger. this heat will dry this batch of sema fast.

the annual potawatomi gathering is coming up. around here some say “everyone is going”. dont know what they mean by every one. some of us aren’t going. one year another band wanted me to speak. one of our then council members said nope that aint happening. so i wasnt included. after that i lost interest in going to gatherings. that was alright. i dont have any thing to prove to any one. i have gone to a few gatherings on my own dime though.

maybe i will go to a movie. enjoy the free a/c in a nearly empty theater. last time i went mary and i were the only ones in the show we seen. i wanna see that movie about beatles tunes.

i dont need to be told stay out of the heat if possible. okay.