gonna cool down a little

lived thru the heat indexes in the 100s. i am glad i have central air. it made it bearable during the hot temperatures. i stayed in a lot. or rode in my old rav4 that still has working a/c.

now we will have about a week of temps in the upper 80s. that will be much cooler than the heat wave we have been in. i can live with these cooler temperatures. i can mow the yard and not get drenched in sweat from the heat.

i had my push mower worked on. it would kinda start then die out. i took it to my cuz who works on small engines. he found it had a wire that was shorting out. he fixed it. i use the push mower around trees and small areas that my riding mower cant reach.

summer is winding down and i haven’t been any where. well besides a short bingo trip down south. my daughter moved into her new place in southern California. we plan on taking a train ride to see her after she is settled in. i dont want to drive the almost 3 thousand round trip. that would be over 40 hours on the road.

i haven’t ridden a train in this country since i was brought home after my birth. that was 67 years ago. i rode trains in Enland, France, Rome and Peru during my travels. those train rides were fun. that is why i want to ride a train here in the states.

we will ride thru the south west on the way to my daughters. i have been thinking of getting a sleeper car. it costs more but at least we will have a place to rest during the long ride. we will also have private viewing.

i will go see my grand son Andrew in a play at his school tomorrow. he is in the play ‘lion king’. he said he wanted his misho and grand ma there to watch him. how can i miss it after he said that.

next week Andrew and Samuel’s school will close for the whole week. they will spend the week with us. i promised Andrew that we will go fishing. i haven’t done that yet. he caught a fish his first time out fishing. it should be fun.

we got some rain this past weekend. just at the right time. my corn has ears of corn developing. the rain and cooler temperatures should help the corn grow better. the stalks are different sizes but i am lucky i have some. i may still get some corn to dry. these next few weeks are critical in the growth of my corn. i will see how it turns out.

i am waiting for my new hens to start laying. i bought them as chicks this spring. some may start laying eggs next month. some maybe the following month. i have 16 of them left. i will have plenty of eggs then. i will be able to sell my surplus to buy feed. i like it when the chickens support themselves.

gotta dig more potatoes up while it is cooler. i am lucky my garden didnt burn up. seems odd saying that after it almost drown out from too much rain earlier this spring. just lucky i still have a garden that i can eat fresh veggies from.

will see what this week brings.