canning tomatoes now

we are canning tomatoes now

i am getting a few tomatoes from my plants. i am eating them as fast as they ripen. the plants didnt get very big. i aint getting very many either. just enough to eat.

we try to can tomatoes when we can. since i wasnt getting that many we decided to buy some to can. we made hot sauce from a flat of tomatoes we bought while coming back from Oklahoma. i used habaneros i grew. we canned 15 pints of hot sauce.

i like to buy from farmers markets. sometimes i cant find enough. road side stands are another place i get them from. one place charges too much. a small basket goes for $5. that ends up about a dollar per tomato. that’s winter prices.

i searched on facebook. i found a place in Oakland. this guy has 13 different heirloom tomatoes. he grows over 1100 plants. he sells his for $2 a pound. the cost is worth it when we eat what we have canned.

it may be cheaper to buy canned tomatoes or spaghetti sauce from the store. but home canned tastes a lot better. it is also healthier. it is not filled with fructose and other chemicals like the kind in stores.

we bought several flats of tomatoes with the goal of canning them. so far we have 9 pints of salsa. we are gonna to can spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and plain tomatoes. we will be doing that today.

we drove to Lawrence yesterday to see Andrew act in a play. it was ‘the lion king’. it was held at hilltop school on the ku campus. Andrew and Samuel go to this school. it is a fine school. the boys learn a lot from it.

Andrew said he wanted his misho and gramma to see him in the play. we drove down to show him our support. he was peeking at us from behind his lion mask. he wanted to make sure we were there. how could we miss?

on the way we seen a farmer selling sweet corn. he sold 13 ears for $5. he said it would be the best corn we had. it was called serendipity. it was good corn. i ate 3 ears of corn, it was so good. we sealed some with the food processor and froze them for later. the farmer said soon there wont be any fresh sweet corn. growing season is about over. that’s why we saved some.

on the way back i stop to see an older lady. she asked me if i had any tomatoes to sell for BLTs. i told her maybe as a trade for a pie. she agreed. she is going to make me a gooseberry pie. she is a great baker. i only traded her some tomatoes because she is a friend of mine. gotta be good to older people.

yesterday i went out to get the eggs. i seen a big black snake in the egg boxes. i caught it. it was about 5 feet long. i put it in a container that had a lid on it. i put that in the car and drove several miles away. i let it go. i hope that it dont find its way back here. i might have to kill it if so.

i know that black snakes are beneficial. they keep the small rodent population down. that may be true but i dont raise chickens so that snakes can eat my eggs. now i know why i haven’t gotten any eggs on some days.

some people freak out when they are around snakes. i tell them they should be more worried about the ones that walk upright on two legs instead of the ones that crawl on their bellies.

in a few weeks we might be drying corn. the ears are forming on the stalks. the stalks are about 5 feet tall. some are are shorter. we will see.