finished canning for now

we put in a few days canning tomatoes

we canned hot sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and whole tomatoes. altogether we have about 5 gallons of them canned. that is around 45 pounds of tomatoes we saved. that wont last long. the hot sauce should last bout a year though. we will probably can more tomatoes later.

besides the tomatoes we put away, we also canned the blue berries and nenwezhek we picked. dont know if we will can other veggies or not. have to go to a farmers market and see what they have on sale. it would have to be in bulk.

i finally got my outside tv antenna up. i was waiting on my son to help me. he sprained his ankle playing softball. it took a while to heal up. he came over and we climbed up on the roof and mounted the antenna onto the roof. then we ran the cable through a hole i drilled into the side of the porch.

i had to use a little “injunuity” (no offense to my native friends) to get the cable inside. i dont have a drill long enough to go thru my 6 inch walls. i drilled a hole in the corner of the door jamb. the cable was able to lay flat enough for the door to close with it laying there.

i now have 25 channels that the antenna pulls in. 16 of them are clear. channels include the local news channels. i can watch Colbert while in bed now. did that last night. i will get jeopardy too. i am still figuring out have to tune in more channels. i haven’t tried to get Kansas City.

we have my roku that pulls in free channels too. and i have Netflix and amazon prime. that will give us plenty of channels to watch. next i have to split the signal and run it to the living room. once that is done i will tell my cable supplier to take a hike. i will save some money too.

i am getting more eggs per day now since i got rid of that black snake. i didnt kill it. i just took it for a ride several miles away. i let it go by a bridge. it took off into the weeds. i hope it dont come back. i dont raise chickens so snakes can eat my eggs.

i mowed my yard again yesterday. the grass is growing fast this year. i will have to change the oil in my riding mower soon. i might as well change the mower blades too. i will change the spark plug and air filter too. i bought a kit for that purpose.

we might get some rain sunday night and Monday morning. that will help my corn. it is about 5 foot tall and has tasseled and have ears forming. i am hoping i will get some to dry. can never tell until the growing season is over. that will be soon.

we went to a cook out at banner creek. i have driven by it many times but never stopped. it is a nice lake. i went wading in the swimming area. i want to take the grandsons there to swim and fish. they will be with us all next week. their school is closed for the week. they will keep misho busy.