july about over

the boys after the ‘lion king’ play. my first ear of indian corn. two boxes of onions

i seen some of the corn silk has turned brown. i squeezed an ear with my thumb into a kernel. it popped. i knew then some of my indian corn is ready. i picked one ear and seen it is developed. it is pictured above.

i will get some corn after all. not all of it is ready to pick though. i will have to pick what is ready and dry it. i will get to the rest of it when it ripens. we will do this week after our summer dance is over.

the boys will be will us all this week. their school is closed for a week. they live in Lawrence and are always glad to be out in the country. they have plenty of things to do here that keep them busy. they will help us dry corn. or at least what corn is ready.

i dug up the onions in my grow beds. i filled up two card board flats with them. we have been eating fresh green onions all spring. i still got a crop after eating all of them. i planted them in between the strawberries and cabbages. they grow together as companion plants.

i weeded my grow boxes. i seen that i have some habanero peppers forming. they haven’t turned color yet. that is when they get hot. i also have leeks that are probably ready to pick. i also have some jalapeno peppers. my okra have given me a few pods so far. there are more on it. i will save the okra to make some gumbo with.

the tribe brought over a dumpster. we have it for a week. in that time we will fill it with things we no longer need. it will be nice to get rid of trash, junk and broken things. i have some things that prevent me from mowing. they will go into the dumpster. when it is full the tribe will come haul it off, that is a good service.

i probably will have another batch of sema to fix this week. i am glad. i put some work into keeping my plants alive thru the heat. i carried a watering can back and forth between the plants and my rain barrels. i watered my plants many times. now i am being rewarded for my work.

i have to adjust my new outdoor antenna. this country indian gotta learn all that stuff. i haven’t tried to tune in Kansas city. it has more channels. i will also have to try Lawrence. i am hoping i will be able to get KU games. this week i will run another cable to the living room for our main tv. after that its kiss cable good bye. hell yeah. i will save some coin doing that.

i have a number of chores to do this week. we also have to watch the grand sons. some of our people are heading to the potawatomi gathering in Canada. we aren’t going. too much work to do. that’s okay. it keeps me going.