everyone is going

not every one is going to the gathering. i aint. besides the ones they had here, i only went to 3 other gatherings. i drove to those ones. i didnt know anyone. most knew each other from all the years they have been going. some of us just sat there waiting for it to be time to eat.

i have work to do all this week. we got the tribal dumpster thing here. they will come pick it up this Friday. we have this week to fill it up. we have plenty of things to get rid of. i have a couple of piles of things that i have to mow around. it will be nice to get them out of the way.

i have some pallets that gotta go. i got them when i was making grow beds. the slats on these ones were too narrow. i dont need them now. i bought a pile of oak boards i can use instead.

the temps will be mid 80s and it will be partly cloudy. it will be bearable enough that we will be able to work outside all day, today. it wont be too hot. i worked in temps hotter than a hundred degrees plenty of times. i handled it. but now i dont have to. i will take a break when ever i need it and get a cold drink.

i also have to see how much corn will be ripe enough to pick. right now just the early ears are ready. if i dont pick them and dry them they will harden and i have to use them for seed. i better dry as much as i can get. i dont know how much i will end up with.

we are watching the grand sons this week too. they wont be here this week end because of that. we should have our work done so i am thinking a drive to Oklahoma to play bingo is possible. i like their prices and prizes. i stand a chance to win there.

if we get a break from working, we might take the boys to a local lake. the boys can go swimming and maybe fishing. i know they will have fun playing. gotta see how things turn out.

got work to do. i better get at it. never enough time in the day sometimes.