already snowed

I was getting used to the fall weather. the other day we got our first snow of the year. the temps dropped too. enough to make me turn up the heat. it cant be winter already. maybe. I heard the farmers almanac predicts 7 snows this year. well six to go if you count that little one.

mary put in our request to have wood cut for us. I am so used to burning wood. I like the feeling of a good fire going in the wood stove. it makes the house feel like home. it reminds me of back when I was real young. we had to burn wood. mom even cooked on a wood stove in the kitchen. she made the best bisquits in that oven.

I am glad I am a senior citizen so they bring me wood. I used to do that all the time when I was slightly younger. I cut many loads for our ceremonial building too. that was before I got arthritis. if I were to do that today my back would have pain for a few days.

the snow is gone now. there were a few traces of snow coming down earlier. I think more is suppose to come today. before the first snow melted away I was able to wash my face in it. I have done that most of my life. I remember as soon as the first snow fell we were told to go wash our faces in it. when you are a little guy that can seem to be cold.

I got a letter from the b I a. it is a standard form letter that I get every year. it tells me that I have zero beginning balance and my current balance is $0.00 well thanks. I really don’t need someone to tell me they don’t owe me any money.

I got a friend request on face book from some one I didn’t know. against my better judgement I accepted him. I thought maybe he knows me from long ago or something. he did the wave thing. then asked me how I was. I said okay. then he went into a sales pitch. and again after I closed the dialogue box. I unfriended the guy. don’t need no one selling me something on face book.

the world series is tied at 3 games apiece. I couldn’t care less who wins. all I am after is for me to win the series pool I am in. I have gotten into pools for decades. I even organized pools for friends and relatives. it is a thing that we all did. it made the games more fun to watch.

I am going to see the movie “the joker”. I missed it the day my old Rav4 gave out on me. I still want to see it. it is suppose to be cold out but it wont be inside the theater. I imagine we will be the only ones watching the movie. that’s okay. I don’t like crowds, unless it is a packed allen field house.

I need to get me another insulated hoodie. I will do that while I am in town. something to wear in this colder weather. that is until it is time to put on the winter coat. I am not ready for winter.

went to trunk or treat

yesterday was trunk or treat at prairie peoples park. we took the grandsons over there. they checked out the decorated trunks and stands. they got candy from each of them. I hope not too much candy. it is nice but we don’t want them to have it all the time. a once a year splurge aint too bad.

there is a variation of the trickle down or in this case a trickle up theory. the candy is eaten by adults as well. that aint good for all the diabetics we have. indians always have too many sweets when they have any kind of function. it would be easier to shoot the diabetics instead of slowly killing them by offering sweets everywhere.

we met two of our grand daughters at the park. they rode the train ride with the boys. they hang out with the boys a lot. I am glad they play well together. I wish the adults in this country could learn how to do that.

my grandson Samuel won third place in his age group. he was a transformer. I don’t know which one but he does. he was happy with the prizes he got. he took them home with him to play with.

I got to visit with many people I know. seems where ever I go I can hear some one call me shishe or misho. I like that. I am uncle or grand pa to many. there are many elders older than me. I am still older than many of the people I come in contact with every day.

I took pictures of people I knew. my camera battery wasn’t charged fully so I missed some shots. next time I will make sure the battery is good. I continue to add pictures to my collection. taking pictures is one way to record history.

we left after my grandsons categories were over. it was kinda cool. stay out there long enough and I got cold. no sense in being cold if you don’t have to be. besides the boys had to head back to Lawrence.

the chickens got out again. for the third time. the wind musta blew the door back and forth until the latch came undone. it was easy enough to herd the chickens back in. the grand kids helped. they know the trick is to slowly walk the chickens instead of chasing them or running after them. that only spooks them.

it made me think that maybe I should let the chickens out every day. chickens that grub lay better eggs. my chickens are cage free. they have a lot of room in their house and yard to roam around in. they would like more room. my dog didnt bother them. I could let them out late afternoon. they will go back in when it is time to roost.

I finally got into a world series pool. watching the games aren’t as much fun unless you got some money on it. the pool I got into was 10 bucks and the winner takes a hundred. righteous bucks. it is for total runs of the whole series. the last game I will be trying to figure what score I need to win. that is what makes it fun. or what makes me cuss cuz my number was passed by.

what will his week bring?

grand kids over

we arrived an hour early for the KU’s men basketball exhibition game. we picked a seat behind the rail above the exit. we wanted to be sure no one would be standing in front of us. I don’t like standing the whole game. too much for my back.

the game was close for a while. then as always KUs size and athleticism overwhelms the smaller schools they play in these games. the jayhawks won by 30 points. they better win by that kind of margin.

we got to see different combinations of our team play. we have so many talented players this year. we have size, speed, experience and skills. we will be a very good team by years end.

Dotson our point guard didn’t play because he rolled an ankle in practice. the team with be a lot better with him running the offense. our transfer 3 point shooter hurt a hamstring so he didn’t play either. no matter we won handily.

we had time to head down to the tunnel with time on the clock. we high fived most of the players and some of the coaches. I have done that for the past 20 years or so. we left after that to catch the bus back to our car.

we went to texas road house before the game. I had my usual filet mignon with house salad and loaded baked potato. it was a good meal. I don’t try anything new because I am happy with that meal. it has become my favorite at the road house.

today was Andrews make up soccer game. while he was gone, the girls came over. I took their picture with Samuel. `I added Andrews picture and ours from the game to this collage.

today is the step up for downs syndrome walk at arrowhead. we didn’t go but we donated to the cause. I will never forgot how they helped my grand daughter Cecelia when she had to have open heart surgery. she was so little but came thru that.

tomorrow is trunk or treat. the grandsons are excited about going. we will take them over there before they head back to Lawrence for the school week. I remember helping out at that function. my coworkers used to get involved in setting up something. I got talked into helping them. we raised our own money to do a haunted hayride. or haunted tunnel. it was fun.

the grand kids were playing hide and seek. my grand daughter was counting in English. I said no. and counted in indian. she started counting in indian after me. then she took off to find the others.

yesterday my hens laid 11 eggs. today so far they have laid 10. I expect to eventually get more than that in a day. and I am no longer getting small eggs. I have been selling my surplus eggs.

I dug up the last of my potatoes. I filled a small box with them. I have been eating them for breakfast. they wont last long. at least I got my fill of them. gardening is pretty much done for the year.

we have 4 grand kids spending the night. I am thinking it will be a while before they all go to bed. we will have a kiddie sleep over. should be fun.

marys dinner, KU game tonight

we have been busy lately. i cant understand how anyone would be bored if they retired. that would have to be a lack of imagination. we haven’t slowed down long enough to get bored.

tuesday night we went to our grand daughters volley ball game. it was senior night. we had to go see her play her last home game. the game was held at Horton high school. she is a good player and had a good game. she was happy we came to watch her.

I had to wonder about a place called edgetown. gary, larry and I used to hang out there during our high school days. it was during our reckless youth. we were minors but that didn’t stop us from partying. it is no longer there. don’t know what happened to it.

last night mary was the honored elder at our senior citizen site. we went to her honoring dinner. after dinner helen explained why she nominated mary. she listed things that mary has done and is doing.

the floor was opened for anyone to talk after that. I felt I had to say something since we have been together 36 years. our son joe also spoke for his mother.

I hope I haven’t become a spectator in my retirement. in the recent past I have gone to a Kansas City Royal baseball game. a Kansas City Chiefs football game. a KU football game. a Royal Valley high school football game. a Horton high school volleyball game. and i have to watch Andrews soccer game. now we have tickets to KU men’s basketball game tonight.

I also watch part of baseballs world series. it is unusual I don’t have any money in a pool. i always have money on the series. maybe i will get a pool going to make it interesting.

good thing we have tickets to KU’s game. it is on a cable channel I don’t get. I don’t think I will buy a new jersey tonight. a break in tradition. they are costing bout 80 bucks now. I have a bunch of them hanging in the closet. I will probably wear de sousa’s number. I have to admire the guy for sticking with the team. Dotson aint playing otherwise I would wear his number.

we will head out early this afternoon. we will go to texas road house to have a steak dinner before the game. that is a new ritual I started a few years back. I will also go high five all the players after the game. these old folks will get home late.

I will go walk my two miles before we head out to the game. i haven’t walked since fall dance. i will get to logging my miles again.

farewell old rav4, hello newer rav4

I was heading to a humane society to see an Australian Shepard / Blue heeler yesterday. that has to be an intelligent dog. it is a year old. I wanted to go check it out to see if I would give it a home. its a death row dog. that means if they don’t find a home they put it to death.

I didn’t make it. my old rav4 gave out on me. the motor geared up like it was in neutral as i was driving. it coasted a ways so I pulled over into a drive on the side of the road. it wouldn’t go in reverse or forward gear.

I called AAA. they sent a truck to pick us and the old rav4 up. they hauled the car to my house. glad we had the policy to get us home.

i assume its a problem with the transmission. i don’t know how much that cost. i imagine over a thousand bucks. that is a down payment on another vehicle. i once put in a transmission i bought at a junk yard for a coupla hundred bucks. those days are gone. their prices have gone up since then.

we had plans to go see the dog then go to a movie. I wanted to see “Joker”. didn’t make it. we decided to go to the Toyota dealership to see what was available, just in case. the salesman showed us a 2017 Rav4. it only had 36 thousand miles on it. that is hardly broke in.

we took it for a test drive. I was sold. I like the room in it. I have to bend down into marys car. I want something I step into. we hadn’t planned on buying a car, just shop. we decided we would take the car. it took us an hour or so for paperwork, detailing etc. we drove it off the lot. didn’t have time for the movie.

I know what I would get in a rav4. I took so many road trips in my old one. it took me to a lot of states. I went to pow wows in it. I went camping with it. I went to hot springs to soak with it. I drove down a dirt road to chaco canyon in it. i also went to mesa verde in it.

I drove my old rav4 for 7 years. it had 80 thousand miles on it when I got it. I added 160 thousand miles to it. I never had a problem with it. I changed the oil regularly and didn’t drive like a teenager. I did have to have new brakes put on it. I wore out two sets of tires. I could fix the old one up but I decided to go with a newer one.

I imagine this new (to me) rav4 will give me many miles and last me many years. I am already thinking of a road trip. I haven’t gone any where lately because I didn’t know how long the old rav4 would last.

I am pleased that I haven’t had a car payment in a coupla years. that will change but that’s okay. I will have something to show for the money. my wants are few. I take care of my needs first. now I have a car that I can jump into and head to where ever I feel like.

so now where do I go for a road trip?

still busy

I added 5 more layer boxes to the chicken house. the squash is dry and bagged up

I got busy and built 5 more egg boxes in my chicken house. I used the 1 inch by 12 inch pine boards I bought. I used 2 inch wood screws to hold them together. i am lucky I have battery operated drills. it didn’t take long to assemble them.

these boxes should last me a few years. I lined all the boxes with the straw I bought. some hens already laid eggs in the new boxes I built. the chicken breeds I have should do some laying in the winter too.

I got my first surplus of eggs. I sold two dozen. I will save that for feed. i want these birds to pay for themselves. I get fresh eggs and my hens are cage free. I am getting about 9 big, brown eggs a day. I will get more than that soon. not all the new hens are laying yet

I bagged up the crooked neck squash I was drying. I set it outside for the past 4 days or so. it is dry enough to put away. I have it in freezer bags. it keeps in the freezer. hopefully we have room in it. eventually we are going to defrost the freezer before winter.

I got my KU tickets to the first exhibition game. I imagine it will be on a channel I don’t get. I only kept my cable hooked up for basketball season. I hooked up my outside antenna a few months ago. I get a few channels with it and I also have roku. I am not pleased enough with that to get rid of cable yet.

I enjoyed the high school football game I went to Friday nite. my nephews son was playing in his last home game. I went to watch him play. I wouldn’t say I brought them luck but they did win their first game of the season.

there is a certain magic to high school football games. I was cheering for royal valley. I am a fan because my kids went to school there. I went to Mayetta high. it is no longer there. I seen an old team mate at the game. I said they have too many players. they have 11. he laughted. we played 8 man football cuz we were a small school.

there were a lot of indians at the game. I haven’t seen that many indians since I was in wal mart at per cap time. I sat near other family members. we had our own section full.

the hayfield that surrounds our house has cheat grass in it. it is an invasive plant. it is blowing around everywhere now. the good thing about it is I use it to start fire with. it lights up quicker than paper. I gathered up enough of it to fill a couple of plastic shopping bags. that should last me awhile.

I am still looking for a dog to keep konugish company. there is one I will go see this week. it is a year old half Australian Shepard and half BlueHeeler. I don’t know if there is an adoption fee or not. I will find out. I wont pay a lot.

what will this week bring.

still drying squash

our squash is still drying. I got a new yarn belt. my grand daughters over for a visit

we are still drying our squash. earlier we spread it out on our screens I made. it is as windy as a politician out. that should help dry the squash out. last night we brought it in and spread it out on a sheet and put it on the kitchen table.

after today with temps in the high 70s and maybe tomorrow it might be done. if not we will put it out until it is. it takes longer to dry when temps are cooler. we in no hurry. we will dry it as long as we need to. we gotta have our dried squash.

we are going to a royal valley high school football game tonite. it is my nephews’ son who is playing his last home game. senior night. we bought some gift card things from him when the team was raising money. he invited us to come watch a game. for sure his senior game. that’s why we going tonite.

his team is 0-6. they play a team that is 0-7. been there. the team I played on didn’t win a game all year. we were held scoreless in most of our games. our last game we played a team that hadn’t won either. someone suggested it was a game of the two worst teams in the state. we lost. that football year taught me humility.

speaking of football. well kinda. the latest copy of the county rag mentioned me. it was an article in the “memories” column. it was under the 50 years ago section. it named the two selected as home coming king and queen. yes, I was the home coming king that year. cant believe that was 50 years ago.

our fall ceremonies are over. this one dude was sorta talking to me. it bugs me when he asks me questions that he already has his own answer to. he don’t want my answer, he wants to ‘teach me’ i guess. i am over 20 years older than him. he never grew up here. he don’t understand i aint dropping the beliefs i live by for someone elses’. i aint looking for a guru to guide me. too late for that.

basically he is just trying to say he knows more than me. don’t know what that is all about. i have no desire to compete with anyone. i got my own trip to do. maybe when he gets to the other world his ticket in will be he knows more than me. i imagine the response with be ‘so what, a lot of people know more than eddie joe’.

we haven’t started to walk again. we were busy the past week. we will start logging our two mile walks soon. as long as we can stand the weather we will walk on the paved road near our house. when it gets colder we will use the tread mill in the basement. it is still working good. i got my moneys worth out of it.

we baked the squash seeds we saved. we soaked them in salt water. then sprinkled cinnamon and pumpkin spice on them. they taste good.

gotta head to topeekie. need more chicken feed. i have been buying two bags at a time. the chickens are eating more. i need to buy 4 bags at a time. then i might build some more egg boxes before the game.

dried squash today

spent the day cutting up squash and spreading it out to dry on screens

we spent the day getting ready to dry crooked neck squash. mine didn’t grow this year. I bought these from an amish store in Missouri. these squash were about 15 to 20 pounds each. we dried 5 of them today. we still have some dried squash left from last year. this will have to last us til next year.

we decided to cut the squash up today because it will be warmer tomorrow. temps in the 70s next few days. it may rain this week end but the squash should be pretty much done by then. if we have to, we can bring it inside and let it finish drying indoors.

it didn’t take long to cut the rinds off and dice up the squash. we have done this enough times that we have the routine down pat. I had one of my playlists going while we worked.

the trick to cutting up squash is to have a sharp knife. gotta cut off the rinds. then dice it up. we didn’t cut it in rings. we diced it all up to spread out on screens. I poked my finger and had to stop to put on a band aid. I was trying to rush to get done. guess I shouldn’t have been.

I had to re-staple some of my drying screens. they tightened up once I stapled them. I will have to rebuild some of my screens this fall or winter. some of the boards cracked or broke. some of the screens tore too. I will have to replace them.

I ordered a roll of screen off amazon. it is 30 inches by 100 feet. I can remake 14 screens with that. it is aluminum screen. that is tougher than the fiberglass screen. the fiberglass screen stretches too much under the weight of the corn or squash.

we saved the seeds from these squash. we have them soaking in salt water. later we will add all-spice, cinnamon and pumpkin spice to it when we spread it out on cookie sheets. we will pop that into the oven to toast the seeds. our family likes to eat the seeds when we fix them like that.

I bought some pine boards when I went to town. I will make 5 more egg laying boxes with them. that will give me 15 laying boxes in the chicken house. that should be enough for the 24 hens I have. I am starting to get more eggs now. I go thru all the trouble of raising chickens because I want fresh eggs when I have breakfast. store bought eggs never taste as good.

will see what the rest of the week brings

happy native American day

happy columbus day. uh wait, natives aint celebrating his day anymore. now it is indigenous day. but aint we already got a Native American day? so in protest of Columbus day we have two native American days. that works I guess.

to me every day is native American or indigenous day. well actually I am potawatomi. I identify with that more than native American. or with indigenous.

not to age myself but i remember an old Flip Wilson comedy skit. he acted the part of an indian going on about Columbus. in his character voice he said ‘we don’t want to be discovered. why don’t you discover yourself on out of here’. i thought it was a funny skit. now it would be considered racially insensitive or some thing.

I got to hear my grandson take the lead on a song after someone else started it this weekend. I am so proud of him. he was always singing when he was just a little guy. I made him about a dozen drums. those were his toys. he was always playing with them.

I have 5 big crooked neck squash left. I will dry them this week. it wont be hot but the squash will still dry. it wont take me long to cut them up and dry them. I will spread them out on the screens I made. i should have enough squash to use for ceremonies.

i may have to add staples to tighten up the screen. some have sagged fom the weight of the corn when it was drying. once i restaple them they will work good. i made about a dozen screens to use to dry corn or squash on. i also dried hominy on them. i will make some hominy sometime also.

gotta head to town today. we gonna send money to pay for our wild rice we got shipped to us. we now have ten pounds of it. that should last us til next season. I love the taste of wild rice. I can eat it as often as I want now.

while in town i will buy some pine boards to make more egg boxes. i have 24 hens now. chickens are like some of these new wave fort njuns. they have a pecking order. the younger ones don’t get to lay in the older boxes. nor roost on the higher roosts.

i will buy a bale of straw also to line the new boxes with. i will use the left over straw in my dog house. if i have any left i will put it in the grow boxes. i will make to use all of the straw because one bale is pricey. i will get my money out of it.

i have been busy this weekend. i didn’t have time to check out my face book page. i didn’t miss some of the drama. i didn’t get to walk my two miles either. i will start walking again this week.

i will sort more porcupine hair this week too. i will make roaches all fall and winter.

fall and winter

we are having fall weather and some winter too. night time temps will be in the low 30s this week. there is a freeze warning for tonight. I switched the central air over to heat now. don’t wanna wake up cold.

I don’t have any plants to cover. i do have some indian beans climbing on the corn stalks. they have bean pods on them. i don’t know what a freeze will do to them. i have some habanero peppers still on the plants. and a few Anaheim peppers. maybe i will pick them. we are using the green chiles we fixed this year. they make the hash browns taste good.

I didn’t have to serve on jury duty the other day. we sat around for an hour. the judge came in and apologized. he said you cant have a trial with out a defendant. the defendant didn’t show and his lawyer couldn’t get ahold of him. so we were dismissed.

I am not done with jury duty yet. I have to call again next month. the last time I had to call the jury hotline three times before I was done with my obligation. seems odd that ordinary citizens have to obey the law while our government leaders can do anything they want.

I ordered tickets to KU’s men’s basketball exhibition. I haven’t missed any opening exhibition games in the past 15 to 20 years. if I did, it couldn’t have been very many. I am glad that I will be going to another Jayhawk game. I am betting that some games will be on a channel that I cant get.

not all the new chicks I bought this spring are laying eggs yet. they are just starting to lay. i am getting from 5 to 11 eggs a day. over time they will lay more consistently. i will get more eggs too. i found one egg in the new boxes i built.

the mail man delivered eight pounds of wild rice yesterday. two more pounds should follow. the wild rice had a good light color. it wasn’t all black like the cultivated kind. this wild rice came from the White Earth rez i will have to pay for the rice now. i am gonna send it Walmart to Walmart on Monday.

now i need to go squirrel hunting. i like it cooked with wild rice. i haven’t been out in the timber for awhile. the frost should kill the high weeds. the leaves will turn now too. that will make it easier to see the squirrels. too bad my dog wont go with me. or maybe he will.

I am still wanting to get me a pup or two. i answered an ad on craigslist. it sounded legit. then when i answered they asked for $400. i said i will pass. then they asked how much i had. i didn’t answer. i haven’t heard back from them. probably trying to get money from some one else. i aint paying big bucks when some unfortunate dogs need a good home.

the grandsons are coming for the weekend. that should be fun.