went to a chiefs game

I haven’t been to a Kansas City Chiefs game in a few years. that changed last night. I went to see them play the Colts last night. we left early to avoid traffic tie ups. we still got into traffic that was at a crawl. it took sometime to get into the parking lot. we were still over an hour early for the game.

the game was close thru out. I liked the atmosphere. mary and I wore our new mahomes jerseys. gotta fit in with the sea of red at arrowhead stadium. it was real loud with 78 thousand fans really into it.

I hope I didn’t bring the chiefs bad luck. they lost to the colts. it got quiet at the end when the colts went ahead by 9 points with a few minutes to play. some of the crowd didn’t stick around. they left early. we were hard core and stayed til the end.

some people dressed up in fake head dresses. i expected that. I didn’t see any painted up but I imagine they were there. the crowd kept doing the tomahawk chop. that was a little annoying.

no way that can ever be stopped. aim protested that for years. guess there is no point getting mad about non natives trying to glom onto or parody our culture when many of our own people don’t want it.

i got my usual picture taken with cheer leaders. i did that once and now it has become a habit. i get a few ku cheer leaders to pose with me when i go to games at allen field house.

i checked out a chiefs souvenir shop. most of the stuff was priced more than i wanted to pay. that’s why i got a jersey made before i went to the game. i got it for half the price of what one would cost at arrowhead. they only thing i bought at the shop was a refrigerator magnet. i have a collection of them from places i have been to.

mary and i went in on $20 worth of 50/50 raffle tickets. the raffle tickets sold $160,000. the winner would get half of that. we didn’t win. i was planning on my trip to Angkor wat and China with my winnings if we hit it.

we stay thru the entire game. i was hoping the ones leaving early would empty the parking lot. that didn’t happen. getting out of the parking lot was a slow process. cars were sitting in line waiting to move. we didn’t get home until about 1:30. i slept in today.

my next game will be to see a K U men’s basketball game. that will be in a coupla weeks. i might get me a new KU jersey.

got chores to do.