still drying squash

our squash is still drying. I got a new yarn belt. my grand daughters over for a visit

we are still drying our squash. earlier we spread it out on our screens I made. it is as windy as a politician out. that should help dry the squash out. last night we brought it in and spread it out on a sheet and put it on the kitchen table.

after today with temps in the high 70s and maybe tomorrow it might be done. if not we will put it out until it is. it takes longer to dry when temps are cooler. we in no hurry. we will dry it as long as we need to. we gotta have our dried squash.

we are going to a royal valley high school football game tonite. it is my nephews’ son who is playing his last home game. senior night. we bought some gift card things from him when the team was raising money. he invited us to come watch a game. for sure his senior game. that’s why we going tonite.

his team is 0-6. they play a team that is 0-7. been there. the team I played on didn’t win a game all year. we were held scoreless in most of our games. our last game we played a team that hadn’t won either. someone suggested it was a game of the two worst teams in the state. we lost. that football year taught me humility.

speaking of football. well kinda. the latest copy of the county rag mentioned me. it was an article in the “memories” column. it was under the 50 years ago section. it named the two selected as home coming king and queen. yes, I was the home coming king that year. cant believe that was 50 years ago.

our fall ceremonies are over. this one dude was sorta talking to me. it bugs me when he asks me questions that he already has his own answer to. he don’t want my answer, he wants to ‘teach me’ i guess. i am over 20 years older than him. he never grew up here. he don’t understand i aint dropping the beliefs i live by for someone elses’. i aint looking for a guru to guide me. too late for that.

basically he is just trying to say he knows more than me. don’t know what that is all about. i have no desire to compete with anyone. i got my own trip to do. maybe when he gets to the other world his ticket in will be he knows more than me. i imagine the response with be ‘so what, a lot of people know more than eddie joe’.

we haven’t started to walk again. we were busy the past week. we will start logging our two mile walks soon. as long as we can stand the weather we will walk on the paved road near our house. when it gets colder we will use the tread mill in the basement. it is still working good. i got my moneys worth out of it.

we baked the squash seeds we saved. we soaked them in salt water. then sprinkled cinnamon and pumpkin spice on them. they taste good.

gotta head to topeekie. need more chicken feed. i have been buying two bags at a time. the chickens are eating more. i need to buy 4 bags at a time. then i might build some more egg boxes before the game.