still busy

I added 5 more layer boxes to the chicken house. the squash is dry and bagged up

I got busy and built 5 more egg boxes in my chicken house. I used the 1 inch by 12 inch pine boards I bought. I used 2 inch wood screws to hold them together. i am lucky I have battery operated drills. it didn’t take long to assemble them.

these boxes should last me a few years. I lined all the boxes with the straw I bought. some hens already laid eggs in the new boxes I built. the chicken breeds I have should do some laying in the winter too.

I got my first surplus of eggs. I sold two dozen. I will save that for feed. i want these birds to pay for themselves. I get fresh eggs and my hens are cage free. I am getting about 9 big, brown eggs a day. I will get more than that soon. not all the new hens are laying yet

I bagged up the crooked neck squash I was drying. I set it outside for the past 4 days or so. it is dry enough to put away. I have it in freezer bags. it keeps in the freezer. hopefully we have room in it. eventually we are going to defrost the freezer before winter.

I got my KU tickets to the first exhibition game. I imagine it will be on a channel I don’t get. I only kept my cable hooked up for basketball season. I hooked up my outside antenna a few months ago. I get a few channels with it and I also have roku. I am not pleased enough with that to get rid of cable yet.

I enjoyed the high school football game I went to Friday nite. my nephews son was playing in his last home game. I went to watch him play. I wouldn’t say I brought them luck but they did win their first game of the season.

there is a certain magic to high school football games. I was cheering for royal valley. I am a fan because my kids went to school there. I went to Mayetta high. it is no longer there. I seen an old team mate at the game. I said they have too many players. they have 11. he laughted. we played 8 man football cuz we were a small school.

there were a lot of indians at the game. I haven’t seen that many indians since I was in wal mart at per cap time. I sat near other family members. we had our own section full.

the hayfield that surrounds our house has cheat grass in it. it is an invasive plant. it is blowing around everywhere now. the good thing about it is I use it to start fire with. it lights up quicker than paper. I gathered up enough of it to fill a couple of plastic shopping bags. that should last me awhile.

I am still looking for a dog to keep konugish company. there is one I will go see this week. it is a year old half Australian Shepard and half BlueHeeler. I don’t know if there is an adoption fee or not. I will find out. I wont pay a lot.

what will this week bring.

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