farewell old rav4, hello newer rav4

I was heading to a humane society to see an Australian Shepard / Blue heeler yesterday. that has to be an intelligent dog. it is a year old. I wanted to go check it out to see if I would give it a home. its a death row dog. that means if they don’t find a home they put it to death.

I didn’t make it. my old rav4 gave out on me. the motor geared up like it was in neutral as i was driving. it coasted a ways so I pulled over into a drive on the side of the road. it wouldn’t go in reverse or forward gear.

I called AAA. they sent a truck to pick us and the old rav4 up. they hauled the car to my house. glad we had the policy to get us home.

i assume its a problem with the transmission. i don’t know how much that cost. i imagine over a thousand bucks. that is a down payment on another vehicle. i once put in a transmission i bought at a junk yard for a coupla hundred bucks. those days are gone. their prices have gone up since then.

we had plans to go see the dog then go to a movie. I wanted to see “Joker”. didn’t make it. we decided to go to the Toyota dealership to see what was available, just in case. the salesman showed us a 2017 Rav4. it only had 36 thousand miles on it. that is hardly broke in.

we took it for a test drive. I was sold. I like the room in it. I have to bend down into marys car. I want something I step into. we hadn’t planned on buying a car, just shop. we decided we would take the car. it took us an hour or so for paperwork, detailing etc. we drove it off the lot. didn’t have time for the movie.

I know what I would get in a rav4. I took so many road trips in my old one. it took me to a lot of states. I went to pow wows in it. I went camping with it. I went to hot springs to soak with it. I drove down a dirt road to chaco canyon in it. i also went to mesa verde in it.

I drove my old rav4 for 7 years. it had 80 thousand miles on it when I got it. I added 160 thousand miles to it. I never had a problem with it. I changed the oil regularly and didn’t drive like a teenager. I did have to have new brakes put on it. I wore out two sets of tires. I could fix the old one up but I decided to go with a newer one.

I imagine this new (to me) rav4 will give me many miles and last me many years. I am already thinking of a road trip. I haven’t gone any where lately because I didn’t know how long the old rav4 would last.

I am pleased that I haven’t had a car payment in a coupla years. that will change but that’s okay. I will have something to show for the money. my wants are few. I take care of my needs first. now I have a car that I can jump into and head to where ever I feel like.

so now where do I go for a road trip?

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