marys dinner, KU game tonight

we have been busy lately. i cant understand how anyone would be bored if they retired. that would have to be a lack of imagination. we haven’t slowed down long enough to get bored.

tuesday night we went to our grand daughters volley ball game. it was senior night. we had to go see her play her last home game. the game was held at Horton high school. she is a good player and had a good game. she was happy we came to watch her.

I had to wonder about a place called edgetown. gary, larry and I used to hang out there during our high school days. it was during our reckless youth. we were minors but that didn’t stop us from partying. it is no longer there. don’t know what happened to it.

last night mary was the honored elder at our senior citizen site. we went to her honoring dinner. after dinner helen explained why she nominated mary. she listed things that mary has done and is doing.

the floor was opened for anyone to talk after that. I felt I had to say something since we have been together 36 years. our son joe also spoke for his mother.

I hope I haven’t become a spectator in my retirement. in the recent past I have gone to a Kansas City Royal baseball game. a Kansas City Chiefs football game. a KU football game. a Royal Valley high school football game. a Horton high school volleyball game. and i have to watch Andrews soccer game. now we have tickets to KU men’s basketball game tonight.

I also watch part of baseballs world series. it is unusual I don’t have any money in a pool. i always have money on the series. maybe i will get a pool going to make it interesting.

good thing we have tickets to KU’s game. it is on a cable channel I don’t get. I don’t think I will buy a new jersey tonight. a break in tradition. they are costing bout 80 bucks now. I have a bunch of them hanging in the closet. I will probably wear de sousa’s number. I have to admire the guy for sticking with the team. Dotson aint playing otherwise I would wear his number.

we will head out early this afternoon. we will go to texas road house to have a steak dinner before the game. that is a new ritual I started a few years back. I will also go high five all the players after the game. these old folks will get home late.

I will go walk my two miles before we head out to the game. i haven’t walked since fall dance. i will get to logging my miles again.

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