grand kids over

we arrived an hour early for the KU’s men basketball exhibition game. we picked a seat behind the rail above the exit. we wanted to be sure no one would be standing in front of us. I don’t like standing the whole game. too much for my back.

the game was close for a while. then as always KUs size and athleticism overwhelms the smaller schools they play in these games. the jayhawks won by 30 points. they better win by that kind of margin.

we got to see different combinations of our team play. we have so many talented players this year. we have size, speed, experience and skills. we will be a very good team by years end.

Dotson our point guard didn’t play because he rolled an ankle in practice. the team with be a lot better with him running the offense. our transfer 3 point shooter hurt a hamstring so he didn’t play either. no matter we won handily.

we had time to head down to the tunnel with time on the clock. we high fived most of the players and some of the coaches. I have done that for the past 20 years or so. we left after that to catch the bus back to our car.

we went to texas road house before the game. I had my usual filet mignon with house salad and loaded baked potato. it was a good meal. I don’t try anything new because I am happy with that meal. it has become my favorite at the road house.

today was Andrews make up soccer game. while he was gone, the girls came over. I took their picture with Samuel. `I added Andrews picture and ours from the game to this collage.

today is the step up for downs syndrome walk at arrowhead. we didn’t go but we donated to the cause. I will never forgot how they helped my grand daughter Cecelia when she had to have open heart surgery. she was so little but came thru that.

tomorrow is trunk or treat. the grandsons are excited about going. we will take them over there before they head back to Lawrence for the school week. I remember helping out at that function. my coworkers used to get involved in setting up something. I got talked into helping them. we raised our own money to do a haunted hayride. or haunted tunnel. it was fun.

the grand kids were playing hide and seek. my grand daughter was counting in English. I said no. and counted in indian. she started counting in indian after me. then she took off to find the others.

yesterday my hens laid 11 eggs. today so far they have laid 10. I expect to eventually get more than that in a day. and I am no longer getting small eggs. I have been selling my surplus eggs.

I dug up the last of my potatoes. I filled a small box with them. I have been eating them for breakfast. they wont last long. at least I got my fill of them. gardening is pretty much done for the year.

we have 4 grand kids spending the night. I am thinking it will be a while before they all go to bed. we will have a kiddie sleep over. should be fun.

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