went to trunk or treat

yesterday was trunk or treat at prairie peoples park. we took the grandsons over there. they checked out the decorated trunks and stands. they got candy from each of them. I hope not too much candy. it is nice but we don’t want them to have it all the time. a once a year splurge aint too bad.

there is a variation of the trickle down or in this case a trickle up theory. the candy is eaten by adults as well. that aint good for all the diabetics we have. indians always have too many sweets when they have any kind of function. it would be easier to shoot the diabetics instead of slowly killing them by offering sweets everywhere.

we met two of our grand daughters at the park. they rode the train ride with the boys. they hang out with the boys a lot. I am glad they play well together. I wish the adults in this country could learn how to do that.

my grandson Samuel won third place in his age group. he was a transformer. I don’t know which one but he does. he was happy with the prizes he got. he took them home with him to play with.

I got to visit with many people I know. seems where ever I go I can hear some one call me shishe or misho. I like that. I am uncle or grand pa to many. there are many elders older than me. I am still older than many of the people I come in contact with every day.

I took pictures of people I knew. my camera battery wasn’t charged fully so I missed some shots. next time I will make sure the battery is good. I continue to add pictures to my collection. taking pictures is one way to record history.

we left after my grandsons categories were over. it was kinda cool. stay out there long enough and I got cold. no sense in being cold if you don’t have to be. besides the boys had to head back to Lawrence.

the chickens got out again. for the third time. the wind musta blew the door back and forth until the latch came undone. it was easy enough to herd the chickens back in. the grand kids helped. they know the trick is to slowly walk the chickens instead of chasing them or running after them. that only spooks them.

it made me think that maybe I should let the chickens out every day. chickens that grub lay better eggs. my chickens are cage free. they have a lot of room in their house and yard to roam around in. they would like more room. my dog didnt bother them. I could let them out late afternoon. they will go back in when it is time to roost.

I finally got into a world series pool. watching the games aren’t as much fun unless you got some money on it. the pool I got into was 10 bucks and the winner takes a hundred. righteous bucks. it is for total runs of the whole series. the last game I will be trying to figure what score I need to win. that is what makes it fun. or what makes me cuss cuz my number was passed by.

what will his week bring?

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