already snowed

I was getting used to the fall weather. the other day we got our first snow of the year. the temps dropped too. enough to make me turn up the heat. it cant be winter already. maybe. I heard the farmers almanac predicts 7 snows this year. well six to go if you count that little one.

mary put in our request to have wood cut for us. I am so used to burning wood. I like the feeling of a good fire going in the wood stove. it makes the house feel like home. it reminds me of back when I was real young. we had to burn wood. mom even cooked on a wood stove in the kitchen. she made the best bisquits in that oven.

I am glad I am a senior citizen so they bring me wood. I used to do that all the time when I was slightly younger. I cut many loads for our ceremonial building too. that was before I got arthritis. if I were to do that today my back would have pain for a few days.

the snow is gone now. there were a few traces of snow coming down earlier. I think more is suppose to come today. before the first snow melted away I was able to wash my face in it. I have done that most of my life. I remember as soon as the first snow fell we were told to go wash our faces in it. when you are a little guy that can seem to be cold.

I got a letter from the b I a. it is a standard form letter that I get every year. it tells me that I have zero beginning balance and my current balance is $0.00 well thanks. I really don’t need someone to tell me they don’t owe me any money.

I got a friend request on face book from some one I didn’t know. against my better judgement I accepted him. I thought maybe he knows me from long ago or something. he did the wave thing. then asked me how I was. I said okay. then he went into a sales pitch. and again after I closed the dialogue box. I unfriended the guy. don’t need no one selling me something on face book.

the world series is tied at 3 games apiece. I couldn’t care less who wins. all I am after is for me to win the series pool I am in. I have gotten into pools for decades. I even organized pools for friends and relatives. it is a thing that we all did. it made the games more fun to watch.

I am going to see the movie “the joker”. I missed it the day my old Rav4 gave out on me. I still want to see it. it is suppose to be cold out but it wont be inside the theater. I imagine we will be the only ones watching the movie. that’s okay. I don’t like crowds, unless it is a packed allen field house.

I need to get me another insulated hoodie. I will do that while I am in town. something to wear in this colder weather. that is until it is time to put on the winter coat. I am not ready for winter.

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