back to fall weather

got four grand kids here. the little darlings know how much they can get away with.

Halloween is over. I guess that means trick or treat too. we only got one visitor here for candy. we too far out here in the sticks. people usually go to town or the clusters. coming out here to the boondocks takes too much time to fill up the candy bags. so we get a pass.

my niece came over with her kids. good thing I bought a bag of candy when I was in wal marks. I thought just in case. we did have a just in case. I gave the little ones candy. I jokingly said we also have fried chicken. they took a drum stick too. I was kidding but I guess you don’t joke with indians bout fried chicken.

my great grand kids (am I that old?) in Washington dressed up for Halloween. their school had a contest. the ones with the most likes on their face book page won. I shared their picture and asked people on my friend list to like their picture. my great grandson won first prize. my great grand daughter took third place. don’t know what prize they won for that, if any.

I emptied my rain barrels yesterday. I had gold fish in the barrels to eat the mosquitos. I thought the fish were long gone. the barrels had about an inch of ice covering the rain water. I chopped up the ice to empty the barrels. I had two gold fish living. I brought them inside and put them in a glass jar. once died a little later.

this morning the other one was still swimming around. I bought a 10 gallon fish tank to put it in. if it survived the cold water it deserves a chance to live. the grand kids all watch the fish swimming around. next I will have to buy the accessories to put in the tank. gravel, fake plants, air pump etc. I go over board to indulge these kids.

Andrew said he was gonna give the fish a pet name. he ended up picking “andy” as the name. wonder how he came up with that.

I got a dozen eggs today. the cold hasn’t stopped my hens from laying eggs. this is the first time I got a dozen in one day. its been about 9 to 11 eggs a day. I thought the dozen mark was a big deal. later I should get more in a day.

I upped my cable package today. that is a 12 dollah increase. I only kept the cheapest package so I can watch basketball. the outside antenna don’t get enough channels for me to say hell with it. I upped it so I can watch the KU-K State football game tomorrow.

I also want to watch the KU basketball games that will be on. some are on espn+, for 4.99 more a month. hell with that. I will miss those games. I don’t want to be charged for it if they pay their players. simmer down Jayhawk fans. it was a joke.

we had a buffalo roast. got it as part of the commodity buffalo program. senior citizens get a little taste. we cooked it with dried corn. it made the best soup around. I had to have several bowls. I go thru all the work to get corn because I like it so much. I reward myself for that. the corn soup is better than a pat on the back.

cant wait for the KU football game tomorrow. I think they will beat them other guys. rock chalk.