went for a walk

I have been slackin on my walking. it was such a nice day yesterday that I decided to go for a walk on the road. that is after the K. C. Chiefs won of course. couldn’t go til I seen if they won or not. they did by a field goal.

I made konugish stay home again. I get no trouble from him. he obeys me. probably knows that he cant keep up with us. we don’t walk fast but he is too old to keep up. the weather was just right. 65 degrees. I had a light flannel shirt over my t shirt. I wore it as a jacket but didn’t need it.

we seen a couple of relatives on the road. they were driving by and stopped to talk. we had a short visit with them. there have a been a number of times that some one will stop and talk to us. we don’t mind. we enjoy being outside.

I was disappointed that KU’s football team lost to them other guys. I hoped for a better game. I turned the channel before the game was over. I don’t know what to think about this team. they play real good and then have a bad game. they gotta play more consistent. on the other hand this aint miles’ team. he will make this a good team yet.

when my old rav4 broke down I didn’t make it to the movie I wanted to see. last night I finally went to see the “Joker”. I thought it was a good movie. joaquin phoenix played the part well. others that seen it said it was hard to watch. a woman behind us was crying. it made a powerful statement about mental illness.

we stopped at wal marks. Andrew was all worried about ‘his’ fish. he wanted gravel for the bottom of the tank and an air pump. misho had to get them. I know that next he will want the fake plants and other things in the tank. I will end up getting them.

tomorrow I will go vote. i have voted since i turned 18. that is almost 50 years that i have voted. I don’t know what will be on the ballot. I will find out tomorrow. I remember once I was able to vote at the senior citizen building. guess that aint happening anymore. i also voted at the Methodist and Catholic churches.

i have to call next week to see if i have to serve on jury duty. last time i had to show up but was dismissed because there was no defendant. i hope i don’t have to go again. most likely i will have to call three times before i am done. that’s the way it was last time. rich folks don’t have to mess with civic duties.

i will drain the gasoline out of my riding mower. once i had to get a carb rebuilt on a tiller because i left gas in it over the winter. the guy said to drain the gas. i imagine that applies to rider mowers too. i also read some where to drain the oil. not sure about that though. i want my mower to last.

what will this week bring?