fall weather again

Charlie the gold fish

I am slowly getting our gold fish settled in. we bought a 10 gallon tank. since then I got an air pump, gravel and fake plants to put into the tank. I also bought the pills to add to the water to make it better for the fish.

Andrew named the fish andy. then he changed it to Charlie. he wants to feed the fish all the time. he knows that he aint suppose to over feed it though. we are making a pet out of Charlie. he survived in the rain barrels even when it had an inch of ice covering it. the other fish died but not Charlie. we will keep him.

we took advantage of the fall weather yesterday to go for a two mile walk. the farmers that own the field south of us were combining the soybeans yesterday. that created a lot of dust from the plants being crushed up in the combine. we didn’t want to deal with that so we went to peoples park to walk.

we had a good walk. it was the first time we went to walk at the park. well I was there on a walk for some cause once. there wasn’t anyone else there. we had a good peaceful walk. we did a loop or two to make sure we walked enough time to cover at least two miles.

i went to vote yesterday. i have voted for 49 years. i may have missed an election or two while i was bumming around the country. i did vote in most elections though. i voted for my nephew who ran for the local school board. he missed by four votes.

i posted on face book that i was glad i could walk into a church and not get struck by lightning. i have stayed out of churches every since boarding school days. that kind of religion left me with a bad feeling. they used to treat us so bad that i would never go into a church if i didn’t have to. i think i did a few times for funerals then even stopped that.

I watched the KU-Duke game last night. it was close thru out. even if KU had 28 turnovers. it went down to the last minute before we lost. any other team would have been beaten by 20. i hope they learn something from this game. if they don’t it will be a long year.

i get tired of listening to the announcers on KU games. that one played and was an assistant coach at duke. i could have guessed that by the way he called the game. everything duke did was great and everything KU did wasn’t.

announcers try to create their own lingo. they used words like “physicality”. they sound like this one teen movie where the hip girls tried to create their lingo too. they used the word so ‘fetch’. it was stupid but they thought it was cool. same with these announcers. i guess ‘physicality’ sounds better than ‘he’s a big mofo’.

this Friday we are having a fish fry at the dance grounds. it is to raise money to pay expenses there. i will go down to help set up. and to eat. i love catfish. i hope we have a good turn out. our place helps a lot of our tribal members.

we have to go after the boys this evening. they don’t have school Thursday or Friday. they gonna spend the time with us. i like that. no such thing as too much time with the grand kids. i am looking forward to it.