getting ready for cold snap

we had to throw wood into the basement. the boys playing on the drum set

the tribal program that provides wood brought us a load. I got a mixture of oak, hack berry, elm and hickory. some of it was kinda card boardy. it burns fast and don’t produce much heat. nowadays some don’t know their woods. that takes some knowledge of wood.

the rest of the wood is good. happy bout that. the high temperatures on Monday and Tuesday are 28 and 29 degrees. Monday night the low will be 9 or 10 degrees. you can bet this indian gonna have a fire going.

I tossed enough wood into the basement to keep a fire going awhile. I will need it the next week or so. Andrew came outside looking for me. he wanted to help me when he seen me working. I let him. I even paid him for his help. he didn’t ask for it. I want him to know his help is appreciated.

I will stack it later. don’t wanna over do it. my arthritis acts up when I do any labor. I will work as long as I can. I wont quit cause it gets uncomfortable. I have to stay active. I see lotsa guys my age slowing down. I wont until I have to.

we finally got our fish tank set up. I bought an air pump. was gonna hook it up and discovered I needed an air hose. I bought that and found out I needed an air stone I think they call it. it diffuses the air bubbles. it makes a lot of noise with out it. I don’t know why they cant sell a complete set instead of bleeding you for more money..

we also added fake plants, gravel and a barrel tunnel thing the fish can swim thru. Andrew had to help. he even makes sure it is him that feeds the fish. misho indulges the kid. the grand kids want to keep this gold fish as a pet. I agree since it survived in the cold rain barrel.

we have an old drum set. the boys wanted to bang on it. we set it up for them. they had fun on it for a while. good thing our nearest neighbor lives a quarter mile away. soon it will be too cold for them to be outside. we let them play outside whenever they can. they enjoy being out in the country.

I have been hearing geese flying around. that can only mean one thing. geese are flying around. it used to be they would fly south for the winter and head back north in the spring. not anymore. many of them stay here year round.

this morning I am heading over to the dance ground. I will help set up tables for the fish fry. it will be a fund raiser for our place there. it takes money to keep the place going. we have insurance, propane, water and electricity bills to pay. and any other costs that come up.

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