had catfish, went to football game

my nephew taylor. mary and I at his football game all bundled up.

our fund raiser at our dance ground went well. it was Friday afternoon. I went over in the morning to help set up tables. we enjoyed fried catfish and dessert. I just ate a small piece of pie. I passed on the rest even thought they all looked good.

we visited with most of the people there. it was crowded so we didn’t get to say hello to everyone. we sang happy birthday to mama judy. it made her day. the fund raiser was fun as well as worthwhile. the money goes to pay expenses. it not only benefits our members but many of our tribal people use the place as well.

I had to go to town to get chicken feed. the hens are giving me about a dozen eggs a day. cant beat fresh eggs. I sell my surplus eggs to my relatives. cant beat 2 dollars a dozen for cage free and chemical free eggs. I wont deliver at that price though. I only sell to cover cost of chicken feed.

while at the feed store I bought me an insulated hoodie. I misplaced my old one. don’t know where it went. I have one I use for work. but I wont wear it to town since it has paint stains and rips in it. I found out I was lucky to have bought the new hoodie when I went to the football game later that night.

there is something about a high school football game. the atmosphere etc. we went to see my nephew play Friday night. we had to be hard core fans. the temperature was 39 degrees. we sat on a thick blanket and covered with another. we also bundled up warm. it was still cold.

the two teams were evenly matched. it was 0 to 0 at half time. both teams had a chance to win it in the second half. each played good defense. there were also more penalties than a game should have. the game ended without a score. it was zero to zero at the end of regulation.

it went into overtime. the opposing team fumbled to end their shot at winning. Jackson Heights scored on their possession to win 6-0. that made them the regional champs. they advance on to the state playoffs now. the team they play next is the one that beat them in last years play offs.

we hung around at the end of the game. we went on field to congratulate taylor. he was happy we showed up to watch him. I seen his brothers and one sister too. I hugged each one. my nephew Zach is 6’5 and weighs bout 300. it is hard to get my arms around him.

couldn’t believe that next days temperature was 65 degrees. we took advantage of that to go walk on the paved road. wont be long before we wont be able to walk outside. that may be the last 60 degree day we have. we logged 6 miles last week. not good but not bad either. at least we are trying. soon we will use the tread mill.

gotta stack the wood I threw into the basement. we will have a fire going this week. it will be cold at night. not us though. we will be warm.

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