got a fire going

the left is what our freezer shelves looked like after removing every thing. the right is what our freezer looks like now after it was defrosted

seems like fall didn’t last long. yesterday the temps were in the single digits all day with the wind chill. it is the coldest since last winter. not used to that cold yet. its bout as cold as some get at general council meetings.

I made our first fire in the wood stove. the house feels all warm. I like the feeling of having the wood stove going. nothing warms a house like that. we will keep the fire going and stay out of the cold.

the grand sons helped me stack the wood in the basement. I paid them for their help. they saved me labor and back pain. no matter how cold it gets, we don’t have to go outside to get wood. we just toss another log in the stove.

when it is time to do something we gotta do it. our freezer has been needing defrosting. we knew temps were below freezing outside. we took every thing out of the freezer and place it all in plastic bags. we put them in two empty plastic trash bags outside.

it stayed froze all day. we move it all back in. we will probably cook some of the stuff we have in there. I noticed a coupla bags of deer meat. we will put a roast of that in a crock pot. now we can see what we have in the freezer.

I noticed straw berries, blue berries, nenwezhek, mish mote, deer, buffalo, catfish and squirrel. there is also some meat we bought from the meat locker. we also have alot of frozen veggies.

we have some good food put away. besides what we froze we also have dried indian corn and squash. we canned apples, blue berries, hot sauce, salsa, spaghetti sauce, cherries and nenwe zhek. we can see the work we put in.

I got on the tread mill for the first time in a long time. good thing we started walking on the paved road. the hardest two miles to walk are the first two. we did that. now we just keep up our routine in the basement. we have to go down there anyway to stoke up the fire.

I took a picture of the full moon rising. it is called the full frost moon. the moon is in Taurus. that’s my sign. not to sound hippie like. my camera didn’t see the moon the way I did. I wasn’t happy with the picture.

I still have to go feed and water my dog and chickens. i have to bring in the eggs too. good thing the hens are laying every day. i have to bundle up and go do my chores.