staying warm

this is native American month. damn. I haven’t planned any native American festivities. just as well. I seen they changed it to honor some one else. they stole our month. well some indian groups are still celebrating it. I am indian every month.

I need to hook up my pedometer. I go up and down the basement steps a lot. I go down to stoke up the fire. the wood stove keeps us warm. I like putting flat cedar on top of the stove. when it gets hot it smokes. that gives off a good aroma. also good mojo.

the furnace don’t heat the basement. I still remember my pipes freezing once. nor does the furnace heat the floor. nothing like having a warm floor on a cold morning. this country indian goes barefoot all the time at home. the first thing the grand kids do is take their shoes off when they get here.

I added more straw to konugish’s dog house. it should be warmer for him. his house has a wind break on the north and west sides. I put it there for that very reason. I take care of my dogs. and chickens. now I have to feed the gold fish survivor. that is Andrews job when he is here.

I got on the tread mill again yesterday. I have to keep my weight down for my health. I am in a routine of doing two miles several times a week. with the wood stove going I get a sweat going easily. that’s good to open my pores. my skin gets so dry during the winter.

I called the jury hot line. I didn’t have to report yesterday. I was glad but also disappointed. I got a mileage check from them for the time I did show. went to town and cashed that for some walk around money. I have to call one more time in December. then I am done with my jury duty for now.

I wonder why I have to do my civic duty. or follow the rules. when I watch the news I see our national leaders don’t have to do any of that. they don’t have to follow any of the rules they pass for the rest of us. they exempt themselves so none of that applies to them.

its a good thing we defrosted our freezer. we found some straw berries we picked last year. mary fixed them with chopped up banana. that sure tasted good. they were much sweeter than any thing you buy in a grocery store.

I also found some cow tripe. I will make some mish mote one of these days. I will make it with hominy. last night we have fried cabbage with kielbasa sausage. the cabbage was also in the freezer. I grew that. it had a real good flavor to it.

I am getting less eggs with the cold. I was getting at least a dozen a day. not now but I am glad I get fresh eggs even in the winter. i am shopping around for the best deal on a solar powered light for the chicken house. they lay better when they have more light in the winter.

gotta do my chores.