not as cold

got the grand kids to pose again

friday was such a nice day that we walked on the road. I wore a hooded flannel shirt as a jacket. that was enough to stay warm. I don’t mind walking on the tread mill but i prefer being in the outdoors. I like breathing the fresh air. wont be long before its too cold to be walking outside.

we had a houseful of grand kids Friday night. the boys were up for the week end. the girls came over because their parents went to a foot ball game. it was a Jackson Heights game. my nephew plays there. they won. its on to sub state for them. if they win, they are in the state championship game.

I wasn’t up for another game so I stayed home. last weeks game in 39 degree weather was enough of a test for me. i seen my nephew play. we hung around for the whole game. I remember playing in weather like that.

no I wont go into a ‘when I played ‘ football stories. I remember one of our old home boys doing that. one of the younger guys, I think it was my brother bubs, said that’s when you took your helmet off, folded it and put it in your back pocket. everyone laughed. I miss that old guy and my brother.

i didn’t get to watch the KU basket ball game again. it was on a channel i don’t get. i see some on social media saying ‘it only costs 5 dollars a month’. its not the cost. i don’t agree with paying extra for it. i have been a fan for 50 years. they should be loyal to us fans also. we stay with them no matter what.

I did watch the KU football game yesterday for a half. it didn’t look good for the jayhawks so I switched channels at half time. I still think our team will eventually be good. this aint miles’ team yet. I have patience. he will turn this team around. it just wont be over night.

I have been having trouble with my computer freezing up. I took it to a shop. they couldn’t find anything wrong. the guy told me to unhook any thing connected with a usb. I said the only thing was my printer. I unplugged it. still got a problem. don’t know what to do. maybe take it somewhere else. in the meantime I may use my old laptop.

we bought more sausage and bacon from the meat locker. they have the best. we ordered a smoked ham for our thanksgiving dinner. smoked costs more but is worth it. we like the taste of a smoked ham, especially one from the meat place.

don’t know if indians are suppose to protest thanksgiving or not. I don’t think there is such a thing as having too many family dinners. we gonna have us a dinner. but we will do it under protest if we have to eh.

gotta do my two mile walk.