didn’t space out

no no I don’t smoke it no more. it may look like I spaced out and didn’t write anything this week. no I aint the burn out I was in my bumming around days. I thought I posted a blog a coupla days ago. the website is going thru a server change. each website is moving from the old server to the new one. this was happening about the time I posted. that is why it didn’t show up.

the last blog was right after the Kansas City Chiefs game. the game was played in mexico city. that reminded me of my trip there years ago. so I wrote a blog about the things I did while I was there. it might still get posted after it is recovered.

I had to write on my lap top computer. my desk top cooked. i thought maybe that’s why my last blog didn’t post. I took my computer to the shop. I was told I need another mother board. I had a new hard disk put on it earlier. basically I will have a rebuilt computer when it is done. it serves my needs.

I am in a habit of writing every other day. if I am busy I might miss a day but that don’t happen often. I write for me and for the hell of it. I am not trying to reach the masses. i just care about the ones that read me. some have for years. I respect that.

I just got back from the police station. no I didn’t do anything. i was there to transfer the tag off my old rav4 to my newer one. my tag will still be “reznjun”. i hope that don’t offend anyone. a few people tried to preach to me. i replied i lived when some called me an f+#^&#g injun. i stopped that many times. new wave indians haven’t seen what i did. they didn’t discover injustice. it was always here.

we are having our thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening. under protest for my radical friends. for us it is all about a family get together. we are not supporting any causes or protesting others. the reason we are having it tomorrow is my daughter will be home and so will my grand kids. next week they wont be here. thus we are having our thanksgiving um… native American dinner tomorrow. aho

I have been watching the impeachment hearings. its disturbing to see that the rich and/or powerful don’t have to follow the same rules we do. they can refuse subpeonas and with hold evidence. or lie under oath. they can say they didn’t do it and that is their proof of innocence. i meet many prisoners who never got to do any of that. they were convicted of a lot less than that. and they do more time than the rich or powerful have to do.

I will head to Lawrence to pick up the grand sons from their school. so this indian will get “off the rez”.