had a family dinner

we had our thanksgiving….um native american dinner last night. we wouldnt be able to be together this Thursday so we had it last night. it isnt about the day but a time. we look at it more like a family dinner. to us thanksgiving is all the time, not just one day.

we had the usual baked turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. i like to have corn soup made from our dried corn. we use much of it in ceremonies but we like to eat it at home too. that’s why we put the work into growing it and drying it. we also had nenwezhek and wild rice. my radical friends will be pleased we didn’t have a total colonized (todays buzzword eh) diet.

we bought a smoked ham from our favorite meat locker. it cost more but is worth it. i had some left over ham this morning with eggs. later we will have ham and beans. i will break out the wok and make some ham fried rice some other time. i may be guilty of buying ham just for the leftovers.

I had a piece of pumpkin pie. i gotta be careful of my sugar intake since i am diabetic. indians gotta learn sugar is another addiction that is killing us. normally i don’t get carrried away.

whenever i have a big meal I remember the times when i went hungry. i know much of that was brought on by my alcohol and drug abuse in my bumming around days. i never forget that. if i did i know a coupla self righteous guys who will always remind me of that. what they forget is that they also did that.

while we were together we took pictures of the grand kids. then we took some of our kids. and pictues of our kids with their kids. then more of misho, grandma and the grand kids. ones to keep and look at in later years.

i am letting the fire in the wood stove go out today. i have to clean the stove pipes out. it got a little smoky last night. the fire also burns more efficient when the pipes are clean. i do that several times a winter.

I am still doing my two mile walks. i have been on the tread mill in the basement. after the meals i had yesterday i will make sure I walk today. i plan on walking on the tread mill all this winter. got my quarterly lab tests next month. i am trying to make sure my numbers will be down.

I scored some football tickets to a kansas city chiefs game next month. well i didn’t score them. they were gimmees. some one gim me them. hell yeah i will go to another game. i will wear my mahomes jersey again. but i wont wear face paint or do the tomahawk chop. don’t wanna offend my native friends.

my jayhawks are playing in the maui classic this week. i will get to wach these basketball games. they wont be on the “sorry faithful jayhawk fans who stood by us but we gonna charge you 5 dollars more ” channel. they will be on a channel we can watch. rock chalk.