late fall

the grand sons are heading to san antone for thanksiving. my daughter wabeno is working out west. thats why we had our thanksgiving dinner this past week end. we have been eating left overs. not many like eating leftovers any other time but thanksgiving is different.

we had leftover smoked ham with fresh eggs for breakfast. i had corn soup last night. it was real good. soup made out of dried indian corn is my favorite soup. with out a doubt. i had some turkey, dressing and nenwezhek too.

today have to go pick up my my rebuilt computer. actually only the tower was rebuilt. it has new hard disk and a new mother board. we will use my same dual monitors, wireless mouse and keyboard. I dont like using lap tops.

after i pick up my computer tower i have to head to topeekie. we need to fill up our water jugs. since we have been using a water cooler our water bottle usage dropped. we use to have several bags of throw away plastic water bottles every week. not anymore. i am trying to save the planet while big business is destroying it.

once i get my computer i have to reorganize all my thousands of pictures. and my thousands of songs. I hope i didn’t lose any songs. i may have to uninstall itunes and redownload it. that is after i save my songs. then reload the songs.

i am looking forward to sunday. we have tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs football game. i hope its not too cold. i will dress up warm as i can. not so warm that i start sweating though. I will get to arrow head early. i want to park and get to my seats before traffic gets bad.

yesterday i lost a chicken. no big deal but today i found 8 more dead. I will set my live traps tonight. and the rest of the week. or until I catch the critter that is killing my chickens. I don’t understand why the critter, whatever it is, just killed that many and didn’t eat them. if it is a raccoon, i will shoot it and eat it. if it is a possum, i will just shoot it.

that reminds me of a story about mom. when she was a little girl she was playing in the timber. the dogs caught a creature and killed it. she told misho about it. he only talked indian. he asked her about it in indian. she said it was fat and gray. he thought it was a raccoon. he told her to go get it. she brought it up. he seen it and got mad. he said that’s a possum. we don’t eat them.

I got to watch the kansas jayhawks play in the maui classic last night on tv. yeah it was on a channel i have. it was a good game. we beat Chaminade by 30 points. with the team and talent we have, it better be by a margin such as that. I will watch tonights game on tv too.

this team is getting better and should be real good by the end of the season. i will send some money with whoever is heading to vegas next . I will put some money down on KU to win it all in March and April. that is if I can get some good odds. hell yeah rock chalk.