keeping warm

we were driving home the other night. we seen this young deer in the hayfield next to our driveway. it would run a short distance and stop. I would drive along side and stop to take a picture. we watched it awhile then drove the short distance home. that deer isn’t afraid of cars. probably wont last long. if it had a rack it would already be gone.

yesterday it was nice enough that we walked on the paved road again. the temperature was 40 degrees. that isn’t cold but we put on sweaters for the short two mile walk. we agreed we would have to get used to the temperature. Sunday we are going to the Chiefs football game. it will be slightly cold and might even rain.

i set my live traps for the critter that killed my chickens. it hasnt come back yet. when it does i will get it. i don’t raise chickens for the wild animals. they don’t pay for the feed. i do. they wont get my supply of fresh eggs. i don’t believe in killing animals but this one is killing my chickens. that will stop.

i cleaned out my stove pipes and got a fire going. i dont like that chore but it is necesssary for a safe stove fire. the fire burns better and hotter. the house is nice and warm now. the floor is warm when we wake up.

i threw the rest of the wood into the basement. some yards have it all neatly stacked outside. they must have plenty of it. it looks cool all stacked like that. I prefer mine in the basement where i can reach it. I dont have to go outside to get it when it is cold.

i got my computer back and its hooked up. it runs a lot faster than the old one. I basically have a new computer. it will last me a few more years. it does what I need it to do. i am not a gamer, I dont need it too fast. I just email, do my daily crossword, surf the net, check out face book and blog.

i got to watch all 3 games of the maui classic. wish i was there. KU won the championship. they looked good. they are playing better defense than the past few years. defense wins championships.

we arent doing the thanksgiving dinner today. we already had ours. we did have ham fried rice . it was made with left over smoked ham. maybe we will have ham and beans next. i plan to stay home and watch tv. there is free hbo, showtime and starz. hope that don’t sound too rez. i will record some movies to watch later. sounds like a plan.